Epic Games shed light on its plans for Fortnite’s next season in its latest community update. The second season of Fortnite Chapter 2 will officially launch on February 20 — two weeks later than most players have been expecting.

The game developer made it clear that there is good reason behind the delay — Fortnite’s move to Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics system. The switch will begin when the 11.50 update is released in early February.

In anticipation of some necessary trouble-shooting and fine-tuning during the transition period, Epic will run “tests with a small group of players.”

In the meantime, players can watch out for new Overtime Challenges and another two-week limited-time event as Fortnite’s current season is extended. While Epic Games has yet to announce any official details about these, this tweet might be a cheeky hint at an upcoming Birds of Prey movie tie-in:

Fortnite Chapter 2 launched its first season in October 15, 2019, following an unprecedented and record-setting event that had the entire game blacked out for almost two whole days. With the current first season stretching out yet another two weeks, it becomes Fortnite’s longest season to date.

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