Epic Games’ partnership with Marvel continues as the King of Wakanda joins his fellow Avengers, as well as notable X-Men and Marvel villains, in the Fortnite universe.

The Marvel Royalty and Warriors pack brings Black Panther to the massively successful battle royale game, along with the cosmic-powered Captain Marvel and Black Widow’s big bad, Taskmaster. 

The new Marvel Royalty and Warriors Pack includes:

Black Panther

  • Black Panther Outfit with Kinetically Charged Style
  • Vibranium Daggers Dual Pickaxe
  • Wakandan Skyrider Glider
  • King Cowl’s Back Bling with Kinetically Charged Variant Style

Captain Marvel

  • Captain Marvel Outfit with Empowered Variant Style
  • Alpha Staff Pickaxe
  • Power of Mar-Vell Glider
  • Kree Backplate Back Bling with Empowered Style


  • Taskmaster Outfit
  • Mimic Shield Back Bling
  • Copycat’s Sword Pickaxe

Players will also get the Wakandan Salute Emote for free upon completing the new Wakanda Forever Challenges between December 21, 10:00 p.m. GMT+8 and January 13, 8:00 a.m. GMT+8. 

Credit: Epic Games, Marvel

In the Wakanda Forever Challenges, players need to: 

  • Finish at least ten matches in Fortnite
  • Outlast 500 players across all games throughout the event period
  • Complete five games of Duo or Squad in Fortnite

Excited about T’Challa in Fortnite? The Marvel Royalty and Warriors Pack is available for US$25 in the Item Shop for a limited time. 

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