Fortnite is a definite crowd-pleaser for its array of collaborations and in-game events. From Travis Scott concerts to collecting your favorite Marvel heroes, the quirky battle royale comes back with another new game mode that is Among Us… sort of.

Officially titled “Spy Within”, Fortnite’s new social deduction game brings a new light to what it can accomplish with such a simple premise. The first map release, Shopper’s Delight, tasks 10 agent janitors to hustle around a shopping sector. Among them are two spies who will attempt to hinder your tasks and eliminate you in the process.

Unlike the usual third-person Fortnite gameplay, Spy Within puts you in the first-person POV, decreasing your line of sight.

As an innocent janitor, your job is pretty simple. You do menial tasks that include deliveries of floppers and crystal llamas, or hold a button at a specific station, all while also looking out for any eliminated friendlies who drop a sneaky snowman.

You can perform some sweet escapes from lurking spies with the use of fast travel points that cost one gold coin. To win as an agent, you either collect and deposit 60 gold coins to the pile of coin sacks, or vote out all the spies in a voice-chat meeting.

Credit: Fortnite

Departing from the Among Us impostors, spies have some unique qualities. Rather than orchestrating synchronized double-kills, the two spies are unaware of each other at the start of the game. This could spell trouble, especially if you both accidentally go in for the same kill in a crowded area.

Instead of free, omniscient sabotages in Among Us, you have to enter the spy room to buy a sabotage in The Spy Within. You can call for a worker strike to stop people from doing tasks, a store lockdown to trap agents in a specific room, or a smoke grenade to perform an undetected kill. You can also hide in the spy rooms to wait out your 30-second weapon cooldown.

Credit: Fortnite

Fortnite is giving away a few goodies for your clever plays in the shopping center. You can get a new glider, weapon skin, some Christmas music, and an agent deck for your skateboard if you complete the Spy Within quests.

While the game mode might a bit rough around the edges, Epic Games’ willingness to showcase these player-made maps is a testament to how innovative and fun the Fortnite community can be.

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