Upper bracket, lower bracket, it’s all the same for OGA Dota PIT season 5 champions Tundra Esports.

Despite getting knocked down to the lower bracket by Team Spirit in the first round, Tundra bested every opponent thereafter to secure their grand final rematch against the TI10 champions.

Team Spirit looked on point in game one of the OGA Dota PIT season 5 grand final

Though the Tundra Esports looked fantastic coming into the grand final after a 2-0 sweep over Team Secret, Team Spirit was a whole other beast.

In game one, Tundra Esports tried to experiment with an aggressive draft consisting of Lycan and Bloodseeker to go toe-to-toe with Spirit’s team fight centric style.

Unfortunately, they weren’t able to snowball hard enough, and were eventually out-levelled, out-farmed, and overpowered.

Tundra Esports bring the fight to the kings of team fight

Unshaken by their loss to Team Spirit, Tundra Esports prepared for the imminent skirmishes with a last pick Doom.

Neck and neck for the majority of game two, everything eventually came down to a fight at the 32-minute mark at the Roshan pit. Aware that Team Spirit needed to secure the Aegis for Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk, Tundra didn’t hesitate to crash the party and snag the Aegis for themselves.

With momentum on their side, Tundra ran at Spirit non-stop until GG was called, tying the series 1-1.

A surprise Broodmother catches Team Spirit off guard

Tundra Esports opened game three’s draft with a second pick Broodmother, a hero that rarely appears in competitive Dota 2. This genius pick drew attention away from the rest of the draft, which played heavily in Tundra’s favor.

Focused on itemizing around Broodmother’s Spiderlings, Team Spirit found themselves in a position where they weren’t equipped to deal with any early game aggression. They paid heavily for this lapse in judgement as Tundra Esports relentlessly hunted them down.

With their base under siege just 32 minutes in, Team Spirit were forced to tap out again.

Tundra death ball their way to become the OGA Dota PIT season 5 champions

Just one game away from victory, Tundra Esports looked to end everything there and then with a heavy push oriented draft. Consisting of Beastmaster, Death Prophet, and Luna, the odds looked good, for Team Spirit seem to lack any real solutions.

Gaining a lead from the laning stage, Tundra maximized their advantage by demolishing all of Team Spirit’s outer towers and assuming complete map control.

Growing rapidly after each pick off, it was only a matter of time until Tundra were at critical mass.

Far too weak to contest with their base in shambles, Team Spirit forfeited the match, which crowned Tundra Esports as OGA Dota PIT season 5 champions.

After their stella performance during OGA Dota PIT season 5, fans will want to keep an eye out for Tundra Esports during the DPC WEU 2021/22 Tour 1: Division I.

They’ve been able to take series off some of Europe’s biggest teams and will likely do so again for a spot in the upcoming Major.

Fans can rewatch all VODS for OGA Dota PIT Season 5 on the official OGA Dota PIT Twitch and YouTube channel.

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