After a two-week “bidding war,” a winner has emerged from Mediatonic’s campaign to raise money in exchange for a special, custom-branded skin for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Or rather, winners have emerged.

Streaming superstar Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, in collaboration with G2 Esports, FPS training game Aim Lab, and YouTuber Jimmy “Mr. Beast” Donaldson, have pooled together US$1 million to donate to Special Effect, the designated beneficiary of the fund drive. Special Effect is a UK-based nonprofit that enables persons with disabilities to play and enjoy video games using customized gaming peripherals.

Ninja, G2 Esports, Aim Lab, and Mr. Beast will each get their own specially designed Fall Guys skin as a reward for their generosity.

Ninja earlier teamed up with Aim Lab to put together a bid of US$420,069. However, bids kept coming in as the donation drive’s August 31 deadline approached, knocking them off the top spot. At the last minute, with the top bid at US$510,000, Ninja dropped this announcement:

There aren’t any final designs yet for the specially branded skins, but Aim Lab and G2 Esports appear to have some ideas:

Aim Lab continues to be in a giving mood, offering US$2,500 for the best design pitch for their branded Fall Guys skin.

And it looks like the sheer joy of playing Fall Guys has inspired the benefactors to give even more. Ninja has announced that a Fall Guys charity stream — featuring himself, G2, Aim Lab, and Mr. Beast — is in the works to raise more money for Special Effect.

Fall Guys is available on the Sony PlayStation 4 and on PC via Steam.

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