Former League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) host and meme queen Ovilee May is probably the biggest Bayonetta fan in the world.

She’s crazy about the beautiful video game character. Earlier this year, she expressed her fitness goal to become “Bayonetta hot” in 2022. Given that the franchise is her “favorite game of all time,” the esports personality also strived to incorporate the Umbra Witch in her clothes and hairstyle in the past.

Ultimately, all her efforts led to the debut of her gorgeous Bayonetta cosplay.

Ovilee May’s Bayonetta cosplay will hype you up to play Bayonetta 3

The American host ditched her usual casual streaming attire and slipped onto Bayonetta’s sleek, black suit. Ovilee nailed down every intricate detail of her Bayonetta cosplay costume, from the character’s gun heels to her ankle-length, magical hair.

With the help of cosplayer Stella Chuu, Ovilee embodied her favorite video game character. She whipped out Bayonetta’s Scarborough Fair guns and struck playful poses for the camera.

The former LCS host and interviewer had posted her cosplay photos just in time for the release of Bayonetta 3.

Bayonetta 3 is the third installment of PlatinumGames’ action-adventure video game starring the titular protagonist, Bayonetta. In the game, Bayonetta must face a mysterious evil to save reality and the world using fresh mechanics and modes. It is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch for US$60.

Of course, Ovilee already played and finished the game, where she “laughed, cried, and peed (her) pants” during the prologue.

Will we see Ovilee cosplay more video game characters in the future? Follow her on her Instagram and Twitter accounts (@ovileemay) to find out.

Ovilee rose to fame in 2017 as a broadcast host for the LCS. In 2021, she joined G4TV as one of the hosts of the television network’s esports-related segments.

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