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When Genshin Impact introduced Shikanoin Heizou, an Anemo 4-star character, Chinese fan Lujiuerhei quickly embraced the opportunity to showcase their creativity and passion through cosplay.

Heizou is the first melee male catalyst user in the game. He hails from Inazuma and is the Tenryou Commission’s best detective. With his sharp deductive skills and impeccable intuition, it’s no surprise many Genshin fans have fallen head over heels for him, including the talented cosplayer.

The game is afoot with this sharp Heizou cosplay from Genshin Impact

Lujiuerhei looked absolutely stunning in Heizou’s costume, comprising a loose, sleeveless white top, a tassel, a black choker, and detached brown leather sleeves.

They did a splendid job of styling the Anemo character’s maroon hair, which has a few streaks of black. Looking closely at their cosplay, you can also see two dark moles below each green eye, which attests to the cosplayer’s attention to detail.

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To complete the cosplay, Lujiuerhei used a magnifying glass as a prop, posing like they’re ready to solve the greatest mysteries in Teyvat.

They have cosplayed other Genshin Impact characters as well such as TartagliaScaramoucheKamisato Ayato, Xingqiu, and Chongyun.

Fans can check out their other cosplays on Instagram (@lujiuerhei).

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