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Lujiuerhei has proven themselves as the ultimate Genshin Impact cosplayer, dressing up as different characters from the HoYoverse role-playing game.

One of their works features a beautiful Chongyun cosplay, capturing the exact features of the 4-star Cryo character.

Here’s a closer look at Lujiuerhei’s simply amazing Chongyun cosplay.

Lujiuerhei’s Chongyun cosplay brings the 4-star Cryo exorcist to life

Chongyun cosplay by Lujiuerhei
Credit: Lujiuerhei

Their cosplay recreates Chongyun’s default look, complete with the character’s white hoodie and dark innerwear. Lujiuerhei also nailed down the 4-star’s ice-blue eyes.

Replicating the style of Chongyun’s light blue hair can be a bit tricky, especially since it involves a multitude of split fringes, but the Chinese cosplayer managed to form the wig perfectly.

Of course, this cosplay wouldn’t be complete without the character’s favorite snack — popsicles!

In one of his idle animations, Chongyun can be seen happily munching on a piece of a blue popsicle stick. These popsicle snacks are pretty special since they are made at the Wanmin Restaurant and have yang-suppressing qualities.

Chongyun popsicle ingredients

  • Mist Flowers
  • Qingxin
  • Water
Chongyun cosplay by Lujiuerhei
Credit: Lujiuerhei

Aside from Chongyun, Lujiuerhei has also cosplayed a bunch of Genshin characters such as Kamisato Ayato and Scaramouche. Fans can check out their other cosplays on Instagram (@lujiuerhei).

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