Are you one of those Call of Duty fans asking the question, “When does Black Ops 6 come out?” Look no further!

Black Ops 6, the latest entry in Activision’s long-running shooter franchise, finally has an official release date.

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In this article, we provide you with details about the game’s launch date, along with other important information, including platforms, all-new features, and preorder details.

When does Black Ops 6 come out? Here’s the official release date

This highly anticipated title marks the return of the iconic Black Ops series after a four-year hiatus.

Troy Marshall with eyes covered in Call of Duty Black Ops 6 key visual
Credit: Activision

Developed by Treyarch and Raven Software, the game is slated to be the seventh entry under the Black Ops sub-series and the 21st installment in the entire Call of Duty franchise.

The Black Ops 6 release date is on October 25, 2024, as revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase.

Black Ops 6 platforms

BO6 is available on PC (via or Steam), PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, and Xbox One.

Black Ops 6 modes and key features

Black Ops 6 Campaign

Soldiers watch as a missile soars to the air in Call of Duty Black Ops 6 key visual
Credit: Activision

Black Ops 6 is a sequel to Black Ops Cold War, propelling players into the tumultuous early 1990s.

This era, marked by the fall of the Soviet Union and the outbreak of the Gulf War, offers fertile ground for a captivating spy thriller.

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The game description below further sheds light on the campaign’s gripping narrative.

“While the Gulf War commands the global spotlight, a shadowy clandestine force has infiltrated the highest levels of the CIA, branding anyone who resists as traitors. Exiled from their agency and country that once hailed them as heroes, Black Ops veteran Frank Woods and his team find themselves hunted by the military machine that created them.”

Black Ops 6 Multiplayer

Omnimovement in Black Ops 6
Credit: Activision

Prepare for intense gunfights on 16 new maps, including 12 core 6v6 maps and four “Strike” maps. Strike maps are more compact, allowing for 2v2 matches or chaotic 6v6 battles.

Black Ops 6 also introduces an innovative system called Omnimovement, which enables players to sprint, slide, and dive in any direction, including forward, sidestepping, and backpedalling.

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According to the developers, this enables players to “seamlessly chain combat maneuvers together, like sliding, diving and a newly enhanced supine prone, all with a full 360 degrees range of motion.”

To further enhance gameplay accessibility and flow, the game offers Intelligent Movement. This adjustable feature automatically assists with sprinting, mantling, and crouching actions, reducing the number of button presses required for these maneuvers.

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The beloved Call of Duty Prestige system makes a comeback in BO6. As you level up, you’ll have the option to reset your progress and unlock new Prestige levels with exclusive rewards, keeping the grind exciting.

Furthermore, BO6 offers extensive HUD customization options, immersive audio and visual effects, fresh Operators, as well as new and returning weapons, equipment, and perks.

More details about Multiplayer, including the MP beta, will be revealed during the Call of Duty NEXT event on August 28, 2024.

Black Ops 6 Zombies

Operators with zombies behind them in Black Ops 6 Zombies key visual
Credit: Activision

Round-based Zombies is back in BO6. The Zombies mode focuses on the round-based survival gameplay that captivated fans in earlier titles.

The launch includes two maps, Liberty Falls and Terminus, brimming with formidable weapons, power-ups, and classic Easter eggs for dedicated zombie slayers to uncover.

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Notably, the movement mechanics, stunning visuals, immersive audio design, and diverse weapon arsenal unveiled for Multiplayer are also coming to Zombies.

Black Ops 6 preorder details: Editions, price, and rewards

Players can now preorder Black Ops 6 on their preferred platform. Here are the editions, price, and rewards:

Black Ops 6 Vault EditionUS$99.99
Black Ops 6 Cross-Gen Bundle (consoles, Game Pass)US$69.99
Black Ops 6 Standard Edition (PC via, Steam, Microsoft Store)US$69.99
Woods Operator Pack in Call of Duty Black Ops 6
Credit: Activision
Black Ops 6 full game downloadYesYes
Early access to open betaYesYes
Woods Operator PackYesYes
Hunters vs. Hunted Operator PackYesNo
Mastercraft Weapon CollectionYesNo
BlackCell (for one season of Battle Pass)YesNo
GobbleGum Pack for ZombiesYesNo

Black Ops 6 gameplay reveal trailer

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