We all know Warzone requires good mechanics, but there’s a lot more to improving at the popular Call of Duty battle royale than just being able to aim.

In this article we’ll be sharing some Warzone tips and tricks on how to make sure you’re able to make the most of your time when trying to improve at Warzone and starting winning more lobbies.

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To improve at Warzone, you’ll need to adjust a few things

Warzone trailer operators
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports

The idea for this article came from a video by Call of Duty content creator WhosImmortal on YouTube, but it’ll be a mix of his own throughts and mine with a background in competitive gaming.

So here are seven Warzone tips and tricks to help you improve at Warzone and win more games.

7. Make the most of your minimap

Improve at Warzone with better minimap settings
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports

To kick things off, we’re starting with making sure your minimap is set up to ensure you’re getting the best information to make decisions that will help you win gunfights and keep yourself alive.

One of the main things to adjust to improve at Warzone when it comes to your minimap is switching it from circle to square. The circle cuts off a fair amount of the avilable map, limiting how much information you can have readily available at any given moment.

Being able to see a red dot on your map for locations versus not being able to see it is a no brainer. Make your minimap a square — don’t be a circle.

6. Position yourself and have a plan or three

Warzone Urzikstan operators on hillside
Credit: Activision

Sticking with the theme of being aware of your surroundings, positioning and forward thinking is incredibly important.

One of the most overlooked when it comes to Warzone tips and tricks is making sure you think about the circle, what’s inside it, where enemies are most likely coming from (hot drops), and planning your position and escape route accordingly.

Getting caught between multiple squads because you didn’t think your position or route through is frustrating, so take a moment, look around, and figure out what the best options are being going in guns blazing.

5. Loot more efficiently

Call of Duty Warzone four different Operators
Credit: Activision

Much like getting caught with your pants down, you don’t want to be caught in loot windows because you just aren’t able to sift through it quick enough.

This can be likened to basically anything that takes you out of the ability to defend yourself such as going into your smoke screen as Brimstone in Valorant or trying to line up that smoke throw you really thought you knew in Counter-Strike.

Having your game set up to allow for efficient looting is paramount to your journey to improve at Warzone. You’ll want to change your “Interact / Reloaded Behavior” setting to be something that is natural and comfortable for you. We recommend tap to interact, and then you can decide if you want it to be prioritized over reload or not.

You want to be able to quickly interact and grab items, because the less time you spend trying to do that, the more time you can spend moving, aiming, and winning.

4. Improve that movement with slide changes

MW3 operator gunfight
Credit: Activision

With slide canceling making it’s return to Call of Duty with Modern Warfare 3, you’ll want to adjust this for the most optimal movement.

In your gameplay settings, you’ll want to set your “Slide Maintains Sprint” setting to on. This means when you come out of slide, you’ll be continuing to move quickly and be able to go in and out of slide canceling consistently. Fluid movement will allow you to be more on point most of the time.

3. Know when to disengage

Warzone perks Season 1
Credit: Activision

I know, I know. You almost had them.

But you didn’t! It’s easy to get caught up in a gunfight and lose sight of the zone or not hear the three other squads that are rolling up behind you. Trust me, I know.

Knowing when a fight has gone on too long or when it’s shifting out of your favor can be a massive difference maker when it comes to your efforts to improve at Warzone.

It’s okay to read a situation isn’t going well for you and your squad and decide to disengage and try again later, so do it when you need to.

2. Mid-to-long range control is important

Call of Duty Operator sniping enemy
Credit: Activision

This isn’t MW3 we’re talking about here, it’s Warzone. That means lots of mid-to-long range gunfights and yet so many people are building their loadouts as if they’ll only fight people up close.

This part of the Warzone tips and tricks is going to be telling you to please make sure you have enough control on your weapon via aim idle sway, recoil, kick, and velocity attachments to be able to take engagements outside of close proximity.

Aim idle sway is a very important one as it provides that slight sway when you’re aiming down sight. The more improvements to that, the more focused and centered your ADS view will consistently be. So if you want to improve at Warzone, make sure you have enough of this to ensure you can maintain your aim at range.

In the same vein, according to WhosImmortal, MW3 guns are currently at a disadvantage when it comes to longer range. This is due to more idle sway, visual recoil, and the “bounce and shake” of the weapon when firing it.

1. Don’t trust the pros and cons of attachments

MW3 armory unlocks
Credit: Activision

While it would be nice to have the pros and cons of attachments during a loadout be 100% accurate all the time, that’s simply not the case. This is sometimes due to a problem on the backend or maybe due to certain relationships between different attachments.

Regardless, due to this, you should always verify in the advanced section of the detailed stats page that the changes you’re looking to make to the weapon you’re working on are showing as intended.

This will help you make sure you’re getting what you’re aiming for.

If the goal is to improve at Warzone, then these Warzone tips and tricks should have you well on your way to accomplishing it. Good luck out there.

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