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In Modern Warfare 3, players encounter challenges that require the use of a magnification scope attachment on a specific weapon.

In this ONE Esports guide, we explain what counts as a magnification scope, along with the two types of challenges that currently involve it.

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Magnification scope in Modern Warfare 3 explained

While the term “magnification scope” may cause some confusion to both new and veteran players, it simply means any optic attachments, including Red Dot sights.

Magnification scope kills

BAS-B with magnification scope in Modern Warfare 3
Screenshot by Sean Low/ONE Esports

One of the challenges that tasks players to get several kills with a magnification scope is acquiring the BAS-B “Orange Sands” camo.

This kind of challenges requires players to simply attach an optic to their weapon, and start eliminating players with that weapon.

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Considering that any optic counts as a magnification scope, we recommend using the Corio Eagleseye 2.5X scope to quickly get through these challenges.

Extreme magnification scope kills

Some challenges take things further by stating that players have to get several extreme magnification kills before the challenge is complete.

These involve using optic attachments that have a magnification of no less than 8x.

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Take the KVD Enforcer “Gilded” camo challenge for example. This requires 25 kills with extreme magnification in order to complete.

We suggest trying the Hardcore Team Deathmatch playlist and opting for large maps like Wasteland, where the greater distances allow you to effectively eliminate enemies one at a time, often with just a single shot.

A high magnification thermal scope like the SZ Heatsource 800 comes in handy especially when identifying opponents from long range.

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