Optimizing your audio settings in Modern Warfare 3 can be the difference between dominating the battlefield and getting caught off guard.

This ONE Esports guide delves into the best audio settings in MW3, helping you fine-tune your soundscape to maximize awareness and achieve peak performance.

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Gain an advantage with these best audio settings in MW3

In this guide, we cover everything from audio mix options to functionality settings, ensuring you hear every crucial footstep, gunfire blast, and teammate callout.

The settings provided below are applicable to all users. However, some preferences are entirely subjective, so customize them according to your specific requirements.

Screenshot of audio settings interface in Modern Warfare 3
Screenshot by Jeremiah Sevilla/ONE Esports

Feel free to tailor these settings to best suit your individual needs and playstyle.


Audio MixTV/PC Speaker/Headphones
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Master Game Volume80 to 100
Gameplay Music Volume0
Dialogue Volume40
Effects Volume100
Cinematic Music Volume0
War Tracks Volume0
Voice Chat Volume20
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Voice Chat

Voice ChatOn
Game Voice ChannelAll lobby
Last Words Voice ChatOn
Proximity ChatOn


You can turn off the microphone settings if you are communicating with your teammates through an external communications application.

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Otherwise, you can use the following settings:

Open Mic Sensitivity40
Mute Yourself When Connecting To ChannelOff
Microphone Level80


Using subtitles in the game is entirely based on your personal preferences. If you want to use subtitles, we recommend choosing default size, and setting the background opacity to 50.


Mono AudioOff
Reduce Tinnitus SoundOn
War Tracks As A PassengerOff
Juggernaut MusicOff
Hit Marker Sound EffectsModern Warfare
Mute Game When MinimizedOn

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