Warzone presents several challenges each week, enabling players to unlock aftermarket parts and other in-game items.

One common challenge is successfully performing a Squad Assemble multiple times.

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In this ONE Esports guide, we explain what Squad Assemble is in Warzone, and how to do it effectively so you can easily rack up those challenge completions.

Squad Assemble in Warzone explained

Introduced in Season 3, Squad Assemble is a feature that rewards teams with bonus XP for landing strategically together at the beginning of a match.

It applies to both standard Battle Royale and Resurgence modes, excluding Ranked Play.

Different types of Squad Assemble in Call of Duty Warzone
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When the first member of your squad touches down, a small circle appears around their landing point on the minimap.

Subsequently, your entire squad or most of the members need to land within this zone to trigger the bonus.

There are different types of Squad Assemble, as listed below:

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  • Full Squad Landing (Quads): All four operators’ landing radii overlap with at least one other.
  • Full Squad Landing (Trios): All three operators’ landing radii overlap with at least one other.
  • Two Half Squad Landing (Quads): Two pairs of operators land separately, with each pair’s landing radius overlapping.
  • Majority Squad Landing (Quads): Three of the four operators land with overlapping radii, and one operator lands separately.
  • Majority Squad Landing (Trios): Two of the three operators land with overlapping radii, and one operator lands separately.
  • Duo Squad Landing (Duos): Both squadmates need to land with their radii overlapping.

Performing Squad Assemble also grants you cash bonus and a supply UAV.

How to effectively execute a Squad Assemble

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Before diving into the fray, discuss your landing zone with your squad. Pick a specific location on the map, ideally one with decent loot and strategic value.

Moreover, use pings to mark the target area on the minimap for clear visualization.

Constant communication is crucial. Call out landmarks or recognizable features around your chosen landing zone.

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Talk with your teammates about your approach, and adjust your trajectory mid-air based on their updates.

While fulfilling the Squad Assemble challenge is your goal, you have to prioritize landing in a strategic location so you can gain an advantage against enemy squads at the start of the match.

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