Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will feature new movement mechanics, including the ability to swim and dive underwater.

While swimming is not a new introduction to Call of Duty, MW 2 is built on a completely new engine and will completely change how water behaves in the game.

The goal is to “use water in combat spaces in a meaningful way,” said Game Director Jack O’Hara in an early access preview event attended by Charlie Intel, even as a possible escape route.

The changes will apply to both the campaign and multiplayer modes, and will eventually make their way to the hotly anticipated Warzone 2 battle royale game.

Water is getting a whole lot more realistic in Modern Warfare 2

Oceans and rivers will come alive in MW 2, with greater realism and focus on visual fidelity. For example, the appearance of waves will use a server-side system, which means every player on the server will see the same waves at the same time and in the same location.

Meanwhile, refraction, light, and collision are all handled client-side for a more realistic experience.

Players will be able to swim on the surface or hold their breath. The water will get darker the deeper you go, which makes it harder to see around you, but provides more cover. This means you can flank enemies under the cover of darkness, according to YouTuber Westie, opening up plenty of new gameplay opportunities.

Water also takes on various appearances in the game, just as it does in the real world, which will affect how useful it is as an escape route or stealth option. It can be clear with excellent visibility, or murky and polluted. There may also be leaves or debris on the surface, which can help provide additional cover.

Opponents on the surface can shoot players in the water, which is why having cover is so important. However, water also affects how bullets behave, and the projectiles will slow down when they hit the water. They also deal less damage, which means it’s more difficult to take down a player in the water.

Players in the water will only be able to use their pistol and melee weapon, with no access to their primary weapon at all.

That said, you may not be completely defenseless. MW 2 will allow players to perform melee takedowns, lunging out of the water and grabbing enemies that are close to the edge.

Vehicles will also have more realistic interactions with water, slowing down when they hit it. When submerged, they will float for a short time and then eventually fill up with water and sink.

Modern Warfare 2 is available for pre-order on Steam and Battlenet. It will launch on October 28.

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