Longshot kills are integral to completing all your mastery camos.

They are required to unlock the Platinum camo for most weapons, where you need to get a kill beyond a certain distance.

However, these distances vary across weapon categories, since they all have different ranges. Shotguns require the shortest distance, while snipers demand the largest distance between you and your target.

Here are all the distances for longshot kills for each weapon type.

All longshot kill distances in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0

Modern Warfare 2 Shipment
Credit: Activision Blizzard
  • Shotguns – 12.5m
  • Pistols – 20m
  • SMGs – 30m
  • Assault rifles – 38m
  • LMGs – 38m
  • Marksman rifles – 38m
  • Battle rifles – 38m
  • Sniper rifles – 50m

If a kill qualifies as a longshot, a label that reads “longshot” will appear after the kill, followed by the distance.

Assault rifles, LMGs, marksman rifles, and battle rifles all require the same distance of 38m. However, this means that it is near impossible to get longshot eliminations on Shipment for those weapons, one of the most popular maps for grinding camos.

While Shipment will let you get shotgun, pistol, and SMG longshots with ease, Shoot House is the far better candidate for longer-range weapons from assault rifles to sniper rifles.

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