Activision has officially unveiled the Modern Warfare 3 mastery camos and all the extra ones you can unlock along the way.

The MW3 mastery camos have people talking as the system seems more in-depth than ever, with tons of camos to get for a plethora of guns.

Tons of new MW3 mastery camos to collect

Golden Enigma in the MW3 mastery camos
Credit: Activision

With the Modern Warfare 2 weapons carrying over to Modern Warfare 3, players will have tons of choices when it comes to the weapons they use and, therefore, the skins that add to them.

Just how much have they added? Here’s what the official blog post stated:

“Expect the following additional Camos, which include Camo challenges for all 114 weapons across MWII and MWIII:

  • Over 400 new base Camos (examples above)
  • Eight new Mastery (Completionist) Camos (four for MWII weapons, four for MWIII weapons)
  • Over 400 new Mastery Calling Cards and Emblems
  • Over 100 new Mastery Charms”

Players will be able to earn 12 different MW3 mastery camos from across MW3 and MW2 multiplayer guns in addition to Zombies camos for MW3 and MW2 weapons, and more.

For MW3 mastery camos, players will have access to Gold, Forged, Priceless, and Instellar.

For MW2 weapons, that will be Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion.

For Zombies/MW3 weapons, there will be Golden Enigma, Zircon Scale, Serpentinite, and Borealis.

And lastly, for Zombies/MW2 weapons, there is Golden Ivory, Spinel Husk, Arcachnida, and Bioluminescent.

Combination of MW3 mastery camos mags
Credit: Activision

How to earn MW3 completionist camos


  • Complete all Base Camo Challenges for the weapon.
  • Complete an individual Gilded Challenge tailored to the specific weapon (for example, “Get 3 Operator Kills with 1 Magazine 10 times,” (MCW AR).


  • Complete the Gilded Camo Challenge for the weapon.
  • Complete additional Gilded Camo challenges for weapons in the same category.
  • Complete an individual Forged Challenge tailored to the specific weapon (for example, “Get 3 Kills without dying 10 times,” (MCW AR)


  • Complete the Forged Camo challenge for the specific weapon.
  • Complete a total of 37 Forged Camo challenges for MWIII weapons.
  • Complete an individual Forged Challenge tailored to the specific weapon (for example, “Get 5 Kills without dying 10 times” (MCW AR).

Interstellar (MW3 weapons only)

  • Complete a total of 37 Priceless Camo challenges for MWIII weapons.

As you can see, there is plenty to be excited about when it comes to MW3 mastery camos, and the overall direction in this part of the game is moving in. Fans can certainly expect more skins to come as the seasons roll out for MW3.

If you want to see even more images of the MW3 mastery camos or other camos coming at launch, check out the official blog post from Activision.

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