Modern Warfare 3 has brought quite a few new features and terms to the realm of Call of Duty, one of which is a fury kill.

In this article, we’ll be answering the question of what is a fury kill in MW3?

What is a fury kill in MW3? Let’s talk about the new multi-kill

Call of Duty MW3 operator
Credit: Activision

A staple of Call of Duty is getting multi-kills during your matches. These are typically the exciting moments, and the times where we’re pushing our limits to see just how many we can get before being eliminated ourselves.

A fury kill is achieved once you reach a certain multi-kill level while playing MW3 multiplayer.

To get a fury kill, you’ll need to take down four enemies in a short period. If you’re interested in getting the TAQ Eradicator LMG, you’ll need to get three operator fury kills.

So that means you need to jump into MW3 and do your best to get four quick kills in succession. This is much easier to do in smaller maps like Rust, where players tend to be more grouped up or easier to spot from one location.

Getting the multi-kill streak on larger maps takes a bit more luck, as it requires you to have managed to find four or more players within your vision or local area.

We recommend using an assault rifle for this, as it will be able to eliminate players at range far easier than the SMG while still being formidable up close. You can try these Holger 556 or MTZ 762 loadouts for great results.

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