Playing video games are a great way to bond virtually and play safely despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is no exception to this, as this mobile MOBA requires intense teamwork in order to win. While many players queue up solo, there are those who play in duo or bot lane tandem with their closest friends or maybe even their crush.

Hashtag #IllSupportYouSoYouCanCarryMe!

If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to bond with that special someone, here are five Wild Rift duo champions that you can use together in the bot lane.

Additionally, these AD carry-support pairs perfectly fit the current meta. When together in the bot lane, they can double each other’s strengths and overcome each other’s weaknesses.

Braum and Ashe

Credit: Riot Games

This duo from Freljord easily freezes all enemies with their abilities. Ashe is a bot lane champion that lacks mobility and needs defensive support in order to survive the early game. And who is better to complement her than Braum, the man who always carries a large shield and has great defenses. 

Ashe’s attack speed makes it easy for Braum to activate his stun passive, not to mention both of their moves can slow and hold enemies for a very long time.

Seraphine and Miss Fortune

Credit: Riot Games

Forget Lux, Seraphine is the best partner to Miss Fortune right now. Both are able to pry an enemy easily thanks to their long-range and easy-to-activate skill set. 

Seraphine’s ultimate is a powerful tool which, when combined with Miss Fortune’s ultimate, keeps enemies from escaping the storm of bullets.

Nami and Jhin

Credit: Riot Games

This is a very powerful skill swap duo. Nami buffs health and damage, while Jhin takes advantage of painful enemy shots. Every time an enemy attempts to attack, Nami can use her second ability, Ebb and Flow, to get revenge and deal damage to the enemy and at the same time heal Jhin. 

This duo’s ultimate abilities, Tidal Wave and Curtain Call, also creates great lane pressure, making it difficult for enemies to escape the bullets and the crowd control effects.

Jinx and Blitzcrank

Credit: Riot Games

The basic idea is that Blitz performs a combo by pulling the enemy and knocking them while Jinx lays traps under their feet. This combo renders the enemy immobile for a long time. 

Blitzcrank also partially aids damage with his ultimate and can silence enemies who intend to approach Jinx. The rebellious girl only needs to shoot and shoot, and finish off her prey with her ultimate should they decide to use Flash to escape.

Janna and Kai’Sa

Credit: Riot Games

Janna can limit the movement of mid-game champions like Alistar and Braum, and protect and babysit the weak bot laner in the early game. Kai’Sa would be a good champion to pair her with. 

Janna’s role is basically to stand behind and sustain and protect Kai’Sa by giving her shields when escaping a tricky situation and casting her slow ability against the enemy to make Kai’Sa’s attacks more effective.

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