Vietnamese representatives Team Volley are the champions of the Wild Rift SEA Pentaboom Showdown. 

Eight teams competed in the Pentaboom Showdown, in a two-day tournament showcasing content creators and streamers from different SEA countries.

Team Volley (VN) bested Team Keeper (Cambodia), Team Trueshot (Thailand), Team Marshal (Myanmar), Team Mystic (Malaysia), Team Starcall (Singapore), Team Phoenix (Philippines), and Team Inspire (Indonesia). 

Team Volley is made up of Vietnamese streamers and online personalities Msuong, Be Chanh Gaming, Milona, Misthy, and Dang YM. Both Msuong and Dang YM had professional esports experience before pursuing streaming.

Team Volley had a perfect run throughout the two-day tournament, from the round-robin all the way to the quarterfinals. Volley’s final match in the showmatch was up against Indonesia’s Team Inspire, who also enjoyed an undefeated run up until the grand finals. 

Volley was unstoppable with Be Chanh’s Akali. Milona on Nami was commendable as well, providing support during pushes, with Msuong’s Yasuo and Dang YM’s Lee Sin providing extra damage. Inspire tried to steal Akali away from Volley in Game 3, however, Volley was prepared, switching Be Chanh to Yasuo. Even with a professional coach like Jess No Limits on Team Inspire, Volley pulled through with more team synergy and quick takes on objectives. 

“We didn’t expect to be runner up in this game,” Dyland Pros of Inspire shares in the post-game interview. “But congratulations to Vietnam, they were great! Very amazing, the Lee Sin in the jungle, it countered me so much.” 

Team Volley takes home US$20,000 of the US$66,500 prize pool and five SecretLab Omega League of Legends Collection Chairs. Team Inspire took second place and US$15,000, Team Mystic finished third with US$10,000, and Team Marshal placed fourth with US$7,500.

In conjunction with the Pentaboom Showdown, Riot is also pledging US$60,000 to charity organizations dedicated to improving children’s access to education and their quality of life across the SEA region. 

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