Riot has finally and properly addressed one of the biggest problems in Valorant with its latest patch making major adjustments to “moving while shooting” with rifles.

This has been a hot topic in the Valorant community, particularly on the professional level. This is because many pros believe the run-and-gun strategy has no place in a competitive tactical shooter like Valorant.

In patch 2.02, Riot themselves agreed that the “running accuracy [for rifles] isn’t where it should be,” but they understand that these types of changes should be incremental. The developers expressed that there could be more changes in the near future, and are just looking to see how players adjust to the new rifle mechanics.

Following the release of the new patch, the weapons that received inaccuracy changes are the Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom, and Vandal. All four have received an increase in their ‘error’ mechanics, which basically means their inaccuracy values have been increased for those who use them while running, walking, or even crouch walking.

Players have been abusing this mechanic for a while now. But it was Tyson “TenZ” Ngo who popularized it when he showed and explained how it works on his stream. In fact, his ‘Full run Phantom accuracy” demo is one of the most viewed clips on his Twitch channel.

TenZ initially believed that the changes weren’t that bad when he hopped on to the range. But, when he tried using the run-and-gun strategy during a match, it did not end well for him.

Players should also keep in mind that Riot adjusted the crouch-moving error. So, for those who are used to playing CS:GO and crab-shooting, you might not want to use this strategy anymore, too.

These latest changes stem from popular names in the professional Valorant community who are convinced that the game should be more difficult since it’s a competitive tactical shooter. 

Team Liquid’s Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom has been advocating that the game’s skill ceiling should be raised even more. He asserts that there are so many tools and mechanics in place that make shooting too easy.

While addressing the run-and-gun issue is a step towards making the game more difficult for all players, the other changes ScreaM is asking for can also be revisited by Riot in the future.

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