The first map to be added to the map pool after Valorant’s official release, Ascent has evolved to have one of the most stable team comps in the game’s history.

So what are the best Ascent smokes for attackers and defenders, and which controller should you pick? 

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Credit: Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

For Ascent, there are a lot of tight corners that need to be smoked off with precision. Mid-control of the map is also essential. Knowing when and where to block angles off is vital. They can slow down enemy attacks and retakes, and gain time for your team to rotate in.

We have compiled a list of the top smoke locations for both attackers and defenders on Ascent, so let’s dive into it.

The best Valorant controller agents for Ascent smokes

While Ascent has a wide variety of controller agents, it is generally agreed the best is Omen.

Not only does the shadowy agent allow for easy smoking, quick smoke recharges, and cheeky one-ways, his Paranoia ability provides an additional bit of utility to help your team during retakes.

Valorant Omen
Credit: Riot Games

Astra, Brimstone, Viper, and even Harbor have made appearances in the pro scene, but Omen remains the controller of choice for Ascent. 

Valorant Ascent smokes for attackers

A site push

If your team is looking to attack and take control of the A site, first take control of A main, and make sure you clear out Wines.

Once you’re ready to go, smoke off A Heaven and A Short, near the doorway with the switch.

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You can place the heaven smoke as you wish, but if you put it a bit wider for maximum coverage, be careful since your opponents can try and push through the smoke. Contour the smoke properly and avoid gaps.

We will also cover pushing towards A site through mid later in this guide. 

B site push

To take control of the B site, similar to A main, take control of the B lobby.

Be careful of the one ways that can be used to hold off attacks and early control.

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Credit: Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports
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Once you have cleared the lobby, you’re ready to execute onto the site. To push through to the B site, smoke off Market at the door, and the CT angle. Be wary of back-site players.

We will cover pushing towards the B site through mid next. 

Mid push 

For Ascent, mid-control is often the game-deciding faster, be it on attack or defense.

As an attacker, being able to deny Operator players early picks as well as exerting pressure through mid towards either A Link or Market is important during mid-rounds. 

To push towards B, smoke A link and market off, so you have a clear pathway into the site.

If your smoke recharges, you can also take care of B CT, similar to a standard B site push.

Valorant Ascent smokes for defenders

Defense smokes can be vital in ensuring that your opponent doesn’t get control of the site too quickly and buy time for your team to rotate. They can also be used in retakes.

A main

The standard smoke to try and stall or retake the A site is towards A main.

This cuts off a valuable chokepoint as the attackers try to enter the site, and also blocks the angle off during retakes.

A one way

A more pre-emptive smoke that can be useful to take early engagements is a one way. These smokes are also one of the reasons Omen is so favored as a controller on this map.

B main

Like the smoke on A site, the B defense/retake smoke is put down towards the B main chokepoint.

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how to place the Omen smoke on Ascent B main
Screenshot by Kaavya Karthikeyan/ONE Esports

This is especially important in a lot of retake situations as players like to hold crossfires between B main and the site, lane, or switch.

Omen smoke placed in B main on Valorant map Ascent
Screenshot by Kaavya Karthikeyan/ONE Esports

B one way

Similar to the one-way on A main, you can also put one down in the B lobby if you’re inclined to take a peek early or position an Operator aggressively at the angle.

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Credit: Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports
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Valorant Ascent smokes for mid control

Finally, on Ascent, the mid-angles can be crucial for early engagements, mid-round rotations, and just general map control. 

Smokes for attackers include the ones for top-mid (A link) and market. You would put these down and proceed to funnel into B site, often executing a B-mid split for successful pressure onto the defenders.

However, if you know multiple players are positioned anticipating this attack towards the B site or if you find a pick on A, you can pivot over towards A link towards the A site instead, with a mid smoke to ensure you don’t get picked off while crossing mid.

While smokes will obscure your opponents’ vision, be wary of them pushing through with flashes and other initiator utility, like the Sova recon dart that can reveal exactly where you are.

How you play around these smokes matters just as much as placing them right.

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