Riot Games has decided to fix the meme player card banner, dubbed “WideJoy,” in Valorant patch 4.01, which means players will no longer be able to enjoy Killjoy’s bugged-out resolution while loading into a game.

The news has sparked the movement #KeepWideJoy on Twitter, along with a few online petitions asking that Riot Games keep the bug.

What is the WideJoy banner meme?

WideJoy banner
Credit: Riot Games

The bugged-out player card banner — actually titled “Rainfall” — was first introduced as part of Episode 3 Act II’s Battle Pass. The WideJoy meme was born when players realized that it had a bug.

In Valorant patch 3.12, the Rainfall player card presented a stretched-out, lower resolution banner of Killjoy on the loading screen right before the start of a game.

Riot Games to fix the Rainfall player card in Valorant patch 4.01

Rainfall player card from the Valorant Episode 3 Act II Battle Pass
Credit: Riot Games

In the patch 4.0 notes released on January 11, it was announced that the bug will soon be fixed.

“We love her too but we’re going to have to fix that banner, but not until patch 4.01, so have fun,” Valorant Communication Strategist Jeff Landa said.

Valorant community bands together to save the WideJoy player card

Valorant community trends #KeepWideJoy on Twitter
Credit: Red Bull Gaming, Team Secret, aEvilcat, and ValorLeaks

Some bugs become so popular that they become a part of the game itself. Evidently, the Valorant community has grown attached to the WideJoy banner.

#KeepWideJoy began trending on Twitter after patch 4.0 went live on January 11, 2022. Notable esports figures like Red Bull Gaming and Team Secret, along with Valorant insider ValorLeaks and North American caster Mimi “aEvilcat” Wermcrantz, made it clear they wanted the bug to stay.

Valorant patch 4.0 has been implemented across several regions, adding Filipino agent Neon, map changes to Breeze and Bind, the Episode 4 Act I Battle Pass, and the new Protocol 781-A weapon skin.

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