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Filipino fans were stunned in 2022 when Riot Games announced the release of Valorant’s first Filipina agent, Neon.

During that time, fans were quick to create memes and fan art on Agent 19. One fan went at lightning speed and created her very own Neon cosplay just a few days after the announcement.

Here’s our closer look at Charess’ Neon cosplay featuring the game’s electrifying duelist.

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Filipino Valorant fan stuns community with incredibly detailed Neon cosplay

Neon is a hundred percent Filipino, and who better to cosplay her than Filipino cosplayer and Valorant fan, Charess!

Charess wowed the Riot Games community with her amazing cosplay. She nailed everything perfectly, including the agent’s deep blue hair, walis-tambo-like twin tails, and the character’s cropped vest and leggings.

Still not impressed? Check out this cosplay photo showing Charess doing Neon’s arm stretching pose, just like in the agent’s official key visual.

Charess and her Neon cosplay from Valorant
Credit: Nicko Wong, Macvan Dihayco, Andy Go, Archie Abong/DigitalArch, Gunslinger Dirge

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Aside from Neon’s shocking abilities, Charess also showcased an impressive prop Vandal gun in the photoshoot.

The Filipina cosplayer is a huge fan of Riot Games and has cosplayed other characters in the past such as Viper, Seraphine, and K/DA Evelynn.

“Shooting Neon made me fall in love with her,” she said in her Instagram post. “I can see Riot’s hard work to perfect this character.”

You can follow Charess and her cosplays on her Instagram account.

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