Filipino Valorant agent Neon has sprinted her way into our hearts with her impactful abilities, exciting design, and authentic Filipino (Tagalog) and English voice lines. 

Neon’s voice actress, Vanille Velasquez, mentioned that she and the Riot Games developers have put so much thought into carefully creating the game’s newest agent, especially through their scripted and improvised voice lines.

This is why we decided to compile them and translate them to English for those who may want to expand their Tagalog vocabulary and learn. These voice lines were recorded and shared by Valorant lore expert Cynprel and don’t include Neon’s interactions with other agents… yet.

Valorant agent Neon’s Filipino (Tagalog) voice lines translated to English

Valorant agent Neon's Gilas Pilipinas basketball jersey
Credit: Riot Games
“Halika na, we can do this!”“Come on, we can do this!”
“Tabla tayo, I’d rather win.”“We’re even now, I’d rather win.”
“Tara na, clock’s ticking!”“Let’s go already, clock’s ticking!”
“Ingat ka, don’t get stabbed. Bad way to go.”“Take care (of yourself), don’t get stabbed. Bad way to go.”
“Hoy! Fight’s not over, you know?”“Hey! Fight’s not over, you know?”
“Hay, let’s go!”“[Sigh], let’s go!”
“Salamat! Thanks!”“Thank you! Thanks!”
“Hoy, grab the spike!”“Hey, grab the spike!”
“Lintik kayo!” shorthand for “Malintikan kayo!”“I hope you all get struck by lightning!”
“Tara, break’s over!”“Let’s go, break’s over!!”
“Psst, move!”A common expression to relay impatience used by many Filipinos

(To be updated with future agent interaction Filipino/Tagalog voice lines)

Neon officially joins the Valorant roster upon the release of Episode 4: Disruption next week. She will be arriving alongside the Episode 4 Act I Battle Pass and the Protocol 781-A skin bundle.

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