Just when you thought there were no more exploits to abuse in Valorant, Cloud9’s Tyson “TenZ” Ngo has demonstrated another broken moving-and-shooting mechanic that players can take advantage of.

In this video, TenZ shows how you can maintain movement and still have perfect accuracy, which breaks the principles of tactical competitive FPS shooters. 

TenZ explained what’s going on here, saying, “You get accuracy for being at zero velocity. If you’re at walking speed, your accuracy will be insane.”

The easiest way to fully abuse this mechanic is to continuously strafe left and right as fast as you can. Do this right and you can easily control your Phantom rifle spray, which is insanely broken.

When asked by a viewer why the exploit hasn’t been patched yet, TenZ replied, “Because this is the way shooting works in Valorant.”

The main difference between this and the run-and-gun exploit that Riot recently patched is that this exploit has a window of opportunity that is very short. You could be full sprinting towards a target and still hit a headshot in the previous run-and-gun exploit, which is why Riot decided to increase running inaccuracy.

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