While watching the Pop Flash Valorant Ignition Series tournament through a viewing party on Twitch, retired CS:GO pro for Cloud9 Sean “seangares” Gares weighed in on what he believes happened between his former teammate Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham and T1.

According to Sean Gares, T1 was looking to pick up Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella, when the former in-game-leader for Team Liquid’s CS:GO squad announced he was switching to Valorant. And in the process of looking through nitr0’s Valorant team options, he asked if there was an issue with Skadoodle’s communication skills with T1. 

Sean Gares continued to explain that, in the process of the negotiation, T1’s Victor “food” Wong revealed a leaked screenshot in which he criticized Skadoodle’s communication skills. But according to food, they were not his words. He was merely relaying a message to his teammate, Austin “crashies” Roberts.

Sean Gares believes the whole incident caused nitr0 to go with 100 Thieves. And at the same time, this prompted Skadoodle to leave T1’s Valorant roster. Skadoodle previously released a statement regarding why he decided to step back from T1’s squad, saying that he was “expanding [his] agent pool and overall impact with the [Operator]. Skadoodle also mentioned that he will be “back with T1 when the time is right.”

If we’re to follow the timeline of events based on Sean Gares’ story, nitr0 retired from CS:GO on August 10. Meanwhile, food’s leaked screenshot was posted online five days later. Then, on the very next day, Skadoodle decided to sit out while T1 participated in the Pittsburgh Knights Invitational.

T1 has continued to struggle in Valorant’s North American scene. In the most recent Ignition Series tournament, T1 was unable to win a match and was quickly eliminated from the group stage. So, it wouldn’t be so surprising if fans later learned that T1 had some internal problems involving their talented Valorant players.

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