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Daniel “vice” Kim is a Valorant pro who previously played for top North American esports organizations, including Cloud9 and Andbox.

The former Cloud9 in-game leader (IGL) shared his entry frag guide for players looking to execute this role for their team.

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Vice has played many roles in his pro career, which has given him insights into optimizing agent roles in Valorant.

As captain and shotcaller for his team, vice has in-depth knowledge since he’s created different strategies and tactics to maximize each agent’s abilities.

Vice shares his Valorant entry frag guide

Cloud9 former Valorant pro player  Daniel "vice" Kim screenshot taken from his entry frag guide
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According to vice, the entry fragger’s primary role is to create space for their team during site attacks. They need to clear as many angles as possible, while the rest of the team provides assistance with their utility, or follows the entry fragger to trade kills.

“Entry fraggers should understand they’re playing a selfless role, and doing so, they may have rough games,” shared vice.

“However, if they don’t play their role properly, then it will most likely be a huge detriment to the team’s performance on the attack half.”

The top 5 entry frag duelists according to vice

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He explained that the best entry frag agents are the ones that have gap-closing abilities like Jett’s Tailwind Dash or Raze’s Blast Packs. These abilities can be used to create space for the rest of the team.

Vice also said that playing an entry agent will have you spend almost all of your abilities as you try to take the site. This means you’ll have to rely on your teammates’ other abilities to hold the post-plant.

1. Jett

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Vice ranks Jett as the best agent because she can create so much space for the team. She can dash through or fly over the enemy team’s utility with her Tailwind and Updraft abilities.

The wind-powered agent can even block the enemy team’s vision and provide herself cover using her Cloud Burst smokes.

2. Raze

Valorant, Raze, Valorant mobile
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Raze has the same gap-closing ability as Jett with her Blast Pack. She can even cover more ground compared to Jett if her satchels are used properly.

The explosive duelist can also clear different angles using her Paint Shells and Boom Bot abilities before she enters the site for her team. This will give her fewer angles to clear.

3. Phoenix

Credit: Riot Games

Phoenix’s kit overall is great for entry fragging, according to vice. This agent’s Curveball flash can be used to clear multiple angles, his Hot Hands molly is very strong for cutting off choke points, and his Fire Wall is handy for creating cover.

His Run it Back ultimate allows him to engage without risk, essentially turning the round into a six versus five scenario.

4. Yoru

Yoru, Valorant, Valorant art
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Yoru is ranked fourth because his teleport is a gap-closer and his flashes can also clear multiple angles. He’s ranked low on this agent list because most of his abilities are better for solo plays than team executes.

His Dimensional Drift ultimate is great for gathering information, but it is hard to capitalize on since he can’t shoot while using his ultimate.

5. Reyna

Reyna, Valorant, Valorant art
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Similar to Yoru, Reyna is ranked low because her abilities are best used to get herself kills. Her Leer flash is also less effective than the other duelists on the list because it can be shot and disabled.

Reyna has the potential of being a great entry fragger, if she constantly gets kills each round. However, she doesn’t add value in terms of team play.

How to excel in the entry frag role

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Vice broke down three essential skills Valorant players should focus on if they’re playing as an entry fragger.

1. Flicking, tracking, and speed

Entry fraggers need to find out how the defenders are set up. This is why crosshair placement is so important. By clearing every possible space, players can determine where the enemy team is.

He also shared that practicing on Aim Lab will help you with all three of these skills.

2. Cognition and perception

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Entry fraggers should envision how they can enter sites. This includes the routes of their attack, where the defense is set up, and what utility your teammates should use for you. Having a plan before the start of each round makes teams more coordinated.

3. Precision

Winning rounds on the attacker side are directly correlated to the entry fragger’s success rate. If the entry fragger wins their duel, the success of the attack on the site greatly increases, and vice-versa.

“If the entry fragger dies for free, then the defenders have a big advantage,” he said. “Entry fraggers should be mechanically skilled since they’re playing the duelist role.”

Watch vice’s full Valorant entry frag guide below.

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