Our favorite Valorant voice actors Shannon Williams (Jett) and Afolabi Alli (Phoenix) are planning to host a live stream soon.

This was confirmed by Shannon herself in a tweet, announcing that she will be having Alli as a guest on one of her streams. The schedule for the live broadcast has not been finalized yet, but fans should already prepare their voice line requests for the two VAs.

We can’t wait to hear Shannon say “Don’t mess up that pretty face, Phoenix!” to Alli in person.

Can we get Alli to say “Revive me, Jett?”

Before becoming a video game voice actress, Shannon Williams is a K-pop soloist known for her lead single “Why Why.” Nowadays, she streams on Twitch where she plays her favorite games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Last of Us, and of course Valorant.

Meanwhile, Alli is a stage actor who recently appeared in Royal Shakespeare Company: The Merry Wives of Windsor where he played as Pistol.

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