Half British, half South Korean K-pop idol, Shannon Arrum Williams, was one of Riot’s first voice actor hires for Valorant when she was brought in to voice Jett, and we can’t think of a better casting choice.

Not only does Shannon look a lot like Jett, she’s also an avid FPS gamer.

Before Valorant, Shannon played a lot of Overwatch, even racking up this 53 elimination game in 2018:

Since becoming the voice of Jett, she’s been playing Valorant, and even picked up this impressive Ace during the closed beta:

“Shannon not only brought a cultural authenticity to the character, but a demographic authenticity,” said Valorant Senior Narrative Writer Zach Betka. The Valorant team has captured some of Shannon’s genuine reactions and incorporated it into Jett’s lines in the game.

Shannon also recently explained a little bit about the agent’s American accent.

Shannon is the official voice actress for Jett in the English version of Valorant, but she was able to deliver some Korean lines in the game’s cinematic trailer.

Shannon officially made her debut as a K-pop idol back in 2014, but she rose to stardom when she released her lead single “Why Why” under MBK Entertainment the following year.

Long-time fans will also recognize her as one of the contestants of the reality show K-pop Star 6: The Last Chance, where she showed off her vocals.

She left her agency in 2019 and has been taking a break from releasing songs and albums ever since.

Her fallback from the K-pop scene did not stop her from reaching out to her loyal fans. Shannon pursued a path to content creation, establishing her own YouTube channel where she uploads her own song covers.

She also created a Twitch channel last March, where she plays games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Resident Evil 3, Little Nightmares, The Last of Us, and of course Valorant.

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