Sentinels has won a talent-filled PAX Arena Valorant Invitational, defeating Cloud9 in an entertaining 3-1 grand final set, and taking home the top prize of US$10,000.

Sentinels had a great start in the first game against Cloud 9. They took an early 7-1 round lead as the attackers in Ascent. Meanwhile, Michael “dapr” Gulino was able to win crucial rounds for Sentinels.

But Cloud9 answered back with Tyson “TenZ” Ngo making impact plays with his Jett, helping his team keep the game close. TenZ did most of his damage with his Blade Storm ultimate, catching Sentinel players off-guard and getting the man advantage.

Luckily for Sentinels, Hunter “SicK” Mims was able to clutch out the final round by securing three kills as he ran through mid-cubby into A-garden.

After losing to Cloud9 in the second game 13-6 on Haven, 

After losing 13-6 in the second game to Cloud9 on Haven, Sentinels bounced back and won another highly contested game in Bind 13-11. Whenever Cloud9 thought they had the round won, SicK would spoil their plans and take away vital rounds, which helped Sentinel go up 2-1.

The final game of the series looked like it wasn’t going to be as competitive as the previous maps, with Sentinels taking a commanding 7-0 lead as the defenders on Split. But Cloud9 would rally back and keep it close, by winning four straight rounds after the half.

Unfortunately for Cloud9, their decision to put TenZ on Viper — instead of having him play Jett or Raze — did not pay off. TenZ would still end up being the top fragger for his team, but he wasn’t able to create the same impact plays he did in the previous games. 

This is Sentinels biggest win to date, and the squad should unquestionably be in the discussion for who the best Valorant team in North America is. Not only did they win every group stage match without losing a single game, they also absolutely destroyed TSM in the Semifinal, winning the Ascent 13-3 and Bind 13-4.

Additionally, Jay “Sinatraa” Won also has a legitimate claim as the best Valorant player in North America.

Throughout Sentinels’ playoff run, Sinatraa had the most consistent results on his team. He often had the top average combat score for Sentinels throughout the entire tournament.

All North American teams now shift their attention to the 30Bomb Summer Cup set to take place on August 1-2. The tournament will include TSM, 100 Thieves, Cloud 9, Gen.G Esports, Immortals, Team Envy, and Sentinels.

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