Updated on December 4, 8:10 p.m. (GMT+8): Updated the schedule and tournament results.

The AfreecaTV Valorant SEA Invitational 2022 will pit 16 teams from all over Southeast Asia against each other for a US$25,000 prize pool.

The event is headlined by Rex Regum Qeon, one of the partnered teams in the Pacific League next year.

They will go up against up-and-coming squads who will be competing in the Challengers league, including Bleed eSports.

What is the AfreecaTV Valorant SEA Invitational 2022?

Valorant Champions 2022 sScary
Credit: Riot Games

The AfreecaTV Valorant SEA Invitational is an online tournament by AfreecaTV hosted by ONE Esports, alongside Mineski Indonesia.

The competition features top teams from the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.

AfreecaTV Valorant SEA Invitational 2022 schedule and results

Afreeca Valorant Invitational dates
Afreeca Valorant Invitational dates

The tournament is set to take place from November 29 to December 4. The group stage will be held from November 29 to 30, while the playoffs will run from December 1 to 4.

The group stage matches will start at 1:00 p.m. GMT+8, while the playoffs are set to begin at 3:00 p.m. GMT+8.

Group Stage standing

Group A

1stBigetron Arctic2 – 0
2ndMade in Thailand2 – 1
3rdTeam NKT1 – 2
4thSouth Built Esports0 – 2

Group B

1stFULL SENSE2 – 0
2ndBOOM Esports2 – 1
3rdRex Regum Qeon1 – 2
4thWolves X0 – 2

Group C

1stFW ESPORTS2 – 0
2ndSR Nacague2 – 1
3rdAlter Ego1 – 2
4thDominus Esports0 – 2

Group D

1stXERXIA2 – 0
2ndFancy United Esports2 – 1
3rdBleed Esports1 – 2
4thDewa United0 – 2

Group Stage schedule and results

November 29

Group A

Bigetron Arctic1 – 0South Build Esports
Made in Thailand1 – 0Team NKT
Bigetron Arctic1 – 0Made in Thailand
Team NKT1 – 0South Build Esports
Made in Thailand1 – 0Team NKT

Group B

BOOM Esports0 – 1Rex Regum Qeon
FULL SENSE1 – 0Wolves X
Rex Regum Qeon0 – 1FULL SENSE
BOOM Esports1 – 0Wolves X
Rex Regum Qeon0 – 1BOOM Esports

November 30

Group C

Alter Ego1 – 0SR Nacague
FW ESPORTS1 – 0Dominus Esports
Alter Ego0 – 1FW ESPORTS
SR Nacague1 – 0Dominus Esports
Alter Ego0 – 1SR Nacague

Group D

Dewa United0 – 1Fancy United Esports
XERXIA1 – 0Bleed eSports
Fancy United Esports0 – 1XERXIA
Dewa United0 – 1Bleed eSports
Fancy United Esports1 – 0Bleed eSports


December 1


Bigetron Arctic2 – 1Fancy United Esports
FULL SENSE0 – 2SR Nacague

December 2


FW ESPORTS0 – 2Made in Thailand
XERXIA1 – 2BOOM Esports

December 3


Bigetron Arctic2 – 1SR Nacague
Made in Thailand2 – 0BOOM Esports

December 4

Third place match

SR Nacague0 – 2BOOM Esports

Grand final

Bigetron Arctic0 – 3Made in Thailand

Teams competing in the AfreecaTV Valorant SEA Invitational 2022

Valorant blazek1ng BOOM Esports
Credit: ONE Esports, BOOM Esports, Riot Games
Alter EgoIndonesia
Bigetron ArcticIndonesia
BOOM EsportsIndonesia
Dewa United EsportsIndonesia
Bleed EsportsSingapore
Team NKTThailand
Rex Regum QeonPhilippines
South Built EsportsPhilippines
SR NacaguePhilippines
FW EsportsThailand
Made in ThailandThailand
XERXIA EsportsThailand
Dominus EsportsVietnam
Fancy United EsportsVietnam
Wolves XVietnam

AfreecaTV Valorant SEA Invitational 2022 tournament format

VCT APAC Stage 1 Challengers Playoffs Knockouts
Credit: Riot Games

The six-day tournament will be split into two phases.

At the start of the tournament, the 16 teams will be sorted into four categories based on their respective countries. Each group will have teams from different countries.

Teams will be placed into Groups A, B, C, or D by way of a live draw that will take place before the tournament.

In the group stage, all teams will compete in a double-elimination best-of-one series.

The top eight teams from the group stage will advance to the playoffs, where they will play in a single-elimination bracket to determine the champion.

All playoff matches will be best-of-three, except the grand final, which will be a best-of-five.

AfreecaTV Valorant SEA Invitational 2022 prize pool

1stMade in ThailandUS$7,500
2ndBigetron ArcticUS$3,750
3rdBOOM EsportsUS$2,750
4thSR NacagueUS$2,000
5th-8thFancy United EsportsUS$1,500
5th-8thFULL SENSEUS$1,500
5th-8thFW ESPORTSUS$1,500
9th-12thTeam NKTUS$625
9th-12thRex Regum QeonUS$625
9th-12thAlter EgoUS$625
9th-12thBleed EsportsUS$625
13th-16thSouth Built EsportsUS$375
13th-16thWolves XUS$375
13th-16thDominus EsportsUS$375
13th-16thDewa UnitedUS$375

Where to watch AfreecaTV Valorant SEA Invitational 2022

The tournament will be exclusively broadcast on AfreecaTV in four different languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, and Vietnamese.

AfreecaTVBahasa Indonesia

ONE Esports social media channels


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