Yoon “LowHigh” Sun-woong might be the best Shaheen in the world.

But in his recent appearance at the Twitch Korea Tekken 7 Streamer Battle, the UYU player went with Steve Fox as he faced Jeon “Jeondding” Sang-hyun’s legendary Eddy in the grand finals.

In game one, LowHigh delivered some heavy haymakers on the Capoeira specialist to claim the win. After a round-ending counter-hit b1 that canceled Jeondding’s Rage Drive, the Steve player inflicted some déjà vu on Jeondding, canceling his Rage Drive once again and finishing him with a df1 uppercut.

By game two, LowHigh had Jeondding locked down in the ring. With some pinpoint counter-hits and flashy low parries, LowHigh secured a no-round brown on his fellow UYU player.

With LowHigh securing two games in a row, he opted for a punishing playstyle by the third game. After a miraculous counter-hit clash was converted into a hefty combo, the Steve player predicted Jeondding’s low mix-up and blocked it for the Sonic Fang finish.

Though Jeondding was able to tie the rounds, LowHigh went into overdrive to finish out the series. LowHigh was able to low-parry Jeondding’s Negative stance kick, but he couldn’t capitalize it fully, leaving the Eddy player with a sliver of health. Jeondding tried to re-establish his offense with a mid/low mix-up, but LowHigh easily blocked it and delivered another Sonic Fang finish.

With the Twitch Streamer Battle win, LowHigh takes home KR₩ 1,000,000 (US$800) while runner-up Jeondding grabs KR₩ 500,000 (US$400).

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