Korean streaming website AfreecaTV recently hosted its first season of Afreeca Tekken 7 League (ATL), showcasing new competitors and long-time Tekken pros in Korea.

The season finale was an intense Fahkumram mirror-match between ROX Dragons’ Bae “Knee” Jae-min and EQNX’s Lim “Ulsan” Soo-hoon.

Despite entering the grand finals through the loser’s bracket, Knee sped through the first two games of the series, giving no rounds whatsoever to Ulsan.

While Ulsan was able to take game three, game four ended in an incredible double KO, resetting the bracket.

In the second set, both players traded games, with Knee taking game one, Ulsan taking game two, and Knee taking game three.

In game four, it came down to a final round, as both players found themselves low on health. However, Knee was able to activate his rage mode, and then cornered Ulsan for a wall-stun, ending the grand finals with a flashy knee-strike rage drive.

With the season win, Knee brings home the ATL’s first season trophy and a cash prize of ₩5M (US$4,150). For the runner-up, Ulsan grabbed R₩2.5M (US$2,100).

You can watch the grand finals on the official AfreecaTV Tekken 7 League stream.

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