Day 2 of the ONE Esports FIGHT! Tokyo Invitational brought together some of the world’s greatest Tekken pros into the same arena.

While Korean player Bae “Knee” Jae-min emerged victorious in the grand final, the tournament saw electrifying performances from other top players from the Asia region. Pakistan’s Arslan “Arslan Ash” Siddique clawed through his opponents with Zafina while Japan’s very own Ser unleashed the power of supposed low-tier character Eddy Gordo.

Here are the seven best highlights from day two of the ONE Esports FIGHT! Tokyo Invitational.

7 best highlights from ONE Esports FIGHT! Tokyo Invitational Day 2

Time is on Chanel’s side

Facing Arslan Ash in the first round of the tournament was no easy task for Kang “Chanel” Seong-ho.

In the final round of their first game, time was testing the mettle of the two fighters. Down to 15 seconds left on the clock, Chanel pulls a Rising Moon Slash out of nowhere to secure the life advantage. He managed to sneak in some Manji Spin Low Kicks for good measure, and Arslan had no other choice but to fight back with his own pokes.

The Pakistani pro resorted to a Sirrush, but Chanel was able to block it and punish accordingly. Still having the life lead after being hit by a Leaping Side Kick, the DRX player only had to stay grounded for a few more seconds to take game one.

Chikurin melts Book down with Geese Howard

The Tokyo Invitational saw a compelling 2.5D brawl between Yuta “Chikurin” Take’s Geese Howard and Nopparut “Book” Hempamorn’s Akuma.

While Book had a substantial life lead, Chikurin was set for a roaring comeback with Rage and a meter ready. Once the Japanese player got a jab combo in, he immediately burned the meter to extend his juggle. Following the tailspin, he landed two more jabs and dive kicks and ended the round with a flashy Deadly Rave.

Ser’s Eddy unleashes a Twister Mirage

During an upper bracket match against Ser’s Eddy, Alexandre “AK” Laverez developed an early lead with a barrage of heavy blows from Shaheen.

However, Ser was able to connect a Twister Mirage on counter-hit, opening up a combo opportunity. The low-health Eddy player ended his combo with a Rage Art, resulting in an unbelievable comeback against one of The Philippines’ finest players.

Book is a parry master on Jin

A Jin main at heart, Book displayed his expertise on the karateka with back-to-back parries.

Up against Chikurin’s Geese Howard, the Thai pro knew his best opportunity for a launch was with Jin’s unique parry. Right when he saw Chikurin pressuring with punches, he immediately parried and sent him flying with a Double Lift Kick. 

After taking a hefty wall combo, Chikurin attempted to take control with a high kick, but Book saw it coming. With another quick parry, the Jin specialist won the round with one more beatdown at the wall.

AK obliterates Ser with an improvised wall combo

With only seven seconds left, Ser planned to secure the round by playing safe and going into Eddy’s Negativa stance.

Things would’ve gone his way had AK not picked him up with a Silent Rigel. Transitioning directly into a Serpens that broke one of the walls at the Howard Estate, the Shaheen player finished the capoeirista off with a clutch Rage Art.

DRX Knee enters the Matrix

Filled with slow-motion effects and close shaves, Knee and Pinya’s upper bracket match felt like an action movie.

Pinya managed to land a counter-hit Fatal Elbow on Knee, picking up a combo that brought his opponent into the red. Looking to close out the round, Pinya spent his Rage Drive, only for it to be blocked by the Korean adversary.

The Master Raven specialist threw out a Low Kick, but Knee got out of harm’s way with an Evading Palm Strike, triggering the game’s slow-mo mechanic. Pinya tried to retaliate, but this time, Knee had the frame advantage and delivered the finishing blow with a Rage Drive.

Arslan Ash makes it out alive with aggressive strikes

Whenever rivals Arslan Ash and Knee go head-to-head, you’re bound to witness some iconic Tekken moments.

With Knee having a huge life lead with 30 seconds remaining, one would’ve thought the Feng player had the championship in the bag. But just like a cornered animal, Arslan clawed his way out of the tough situation.

The Pakistani fighter unleashed a barrage of pokes enough to turn the tides. Remaining unscathed during his attacks, he was able to knock Knee out with one second left on the clock.

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