The Tekken World Tour 2019 has concluded with Yuta “Chikurin” Take taking home the last trophy of the year. The final stop on the Tekken World Tour saw the Japanese player pull off an incredible sweep in the Grand Finals.

Chikurin faced Korean pro, Lim “Ulsan” Soo-hoon, in the Grand Finals. Ulsan played his usual main of Kazumi while Chikurin, who is known as a die-hard Geese Howard player, surprisingly picked Akuma.

In the first round, Ulsan looked to have the upper hand, and Chikurin dropped a few combos, giving Ulsan more than enough chances to secure victory.

However, Chikurin started warming up in round two and managed to land some big meter-burn combos.

With the first game tied 2-2, Ulsan made one misstep, and Chikurin took advantage with a huge combo to close out the first game.

For game two, Ulsan selected an infinite stage to limit Akuma’s combo potential, but it wasn’t enough to slow down Chikurin. In round two, despite having just a pixel of health left, he hit two massive combos, ending the last one with a Raging Demon, and absolutely erasing Ulsan’s health bar in just nine seconds.

In game three, Ulsan tried a counterpoke strategy to interrupt Chikurin’s attack-strings, and managed to take two rounds.

However, in the final round, Chikurin immediately landed a huge meter burn combo , leaving Ulsan at low health.

Ulsan did his best to recover, but Chikurin’s overwhelming pressure was too much for the Korean, and after an easily blocked low, he counterattacked to win the game, and with it his first TWT finals trophy.

With his incredible win, Chikurin went home with US$50,000 and the prestigious 2019 Tekken World Tour trophy designed by Pure Arts Limited.

Runner-up Ulsan took US$35,000 while Bae “Knee” Jaemin (third) and Hoa “Anakin” Luu (fourth) received US$25,000 and US$20,000 respectively.

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