Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid welcomes some fighting game royalty in the form of Street Fighter’s Chun-Li and Ryu.

In the Street Fighter Pack DLC, Chun-Li and Ryu don the iconic black-visor helmet and take on the personas of the Blue Phoenix Ranger and the Crimson Hawk Ranger respectively.

Though their faces might not be shown, you can definitely spot the iconic duo with Ryu’s karate gear and Chun-Li’s qipao, studded wristbands, and hair buns.

The trailer featured some stunning gameplay of Ryu, handing out Hadoukens and meter-burn Shoryukens to some extra-terrestrial baddies. While Chun-Li only appears in the ending cinematic, it looks like she’ll be bringing her iconic Spinning Bird Kick to the game.

This will be the SF duo’s second appearance in the Power Rangers franchise, with the first being the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars mobile game in 2019.

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid’s Street Fighter Pack will be available for US$12.50 on May 25.

You can watch the official trailer down below:

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