Syarifah Silvia “Viorell” Assegaff is one of Indonesia’s top MLBB players.

She’s known for her signature hero, Lolita, but surprisingly, Viorell is not a pro player.

In fact, she has a full-time job and is also a mother who only plays MLBB at night after her son goes to bed.

Credit: Viorell

MLBB is not the only game that Viorell is talented at. She’s actually been a pro-level gamer for the past 17 years — believe it or not, Viorell is 38-years-old.

“I’ve always been a gamer. When I first started out around 2003 I played Counterstrike, and I managed to get to a pro-level there too. At that time, female players were very rare,” Viorell told ONE Esports.

“I joined a team of five girls, but there weren’t enough other all-female teams so we had to enter mixed tournaments. We were often invited to tournaments to appear as guests, but we eventually had to disband because it was really difficult back then to develop as an all-female team. Later, I joined a regular CS team, where I was the only girl.”

After playing CS semi-professionally for seven years, Viorell quit to play Dota. Unfortunately, shortly after Dota 2 came out she stopped playing games altogether after her father fell ill.

Viorell’s father passed away in 2017, and after a six-year absence from competitive gaming, she finally started playing again.

“My son was eating and watching Youtube when a Mobile Legends advert appeared. I saw it and the graphics looked good, so I decided to try it out,” said Viorell.

“I was originally a Marksman player, but I started playing Tank because no-one else wanted to take this role,” continued Viorell. “When I was choosing which tank to pick, they all looked so scary. I really liked Lolita because she’s cute, with her small hammer.”

Viorell struggled at first adapting to the Tank role.

“At first, I didn’t really understand how to play Tank,” she said. “I played Lolita a lot until I was about global rank 70, but at that time I wasn’t even thinking about winrates or MMR. In fact, I had to AFK often because I needed to look after my child.”

“I kept playing and playing and I got better until finally near the end of Season 12 I saw I was global rank 4,” she continued.

“After that, I started grouping up to push for the top spot. I don’t think it would be possible with just solo play, because the party must coordinate well with the Tank.”

Viorell finished Season 12 as the global number one ranked Lolita.

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