The effects of patch 1.4.94, reworked heroes, and the release of new heroes have changed the meta significantly.

According to MPL MY/SG Season 5 champion and MVP Lim “ly4ly4ly4” Yang, not all 96 are viable either.

For a start, reworked marksman Yi Sun-Shin has been making headlines in ranked and competitive pro play. ly4ly4ly4 rated him as the only S tier marksman.

“Yi Sun-Shin has a very high burst if played properly with his passive. Very, very strong early to mid game. Scales quite well towards late game as well,” said ly4ly4ly4 on his Facebook page.

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Due to the nerfs to Granger and Claude, they’ve been placed in A and B tier respectively. On the other side of the coin, buffs to Roger’s Hunter’s Step and Bloodthirsty Howl in the recent patch have elevated him to A tier. He is joined by Karrie and Bruno.

Unsurprisingly, ly4ly4ly4 ranked an untouched Uranus as the top offlaner. Esmeralda seems to have lost some power after patch 1.4.94, but it’s definitely not enough leave her out of the meta. She is placed in A tier, alongside a relatively new fighter, Yu Zhong.

Khufra and Atlas have been staple tank picks in the last few months. Watch out for Baxia too, who elevated in status after receiving buffs in the previous patch 1.4.86.

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They are joined at the top by Popol and Kupa and Chou. Originally slated to be played as a marksmen, his range can’t be compared to others. Not to mention, his real advantage is Kupa, who applies equipment effects, which makes him a better tank than carry.

For Chou, ly4ly4ly4 has rated him a tier higher as a tank than an offlaner, and believes a normal tank build would work well. “He’s able to soak a lot of damage and has a lot of mobility. Strong at level one to four,” he said.

In the support column, there are no surprises in S and A tier. Cyclops received damage buffs in the last patch, while Luo Yi‘s strong burst has been well documented.

Like Uranus, Ling has remained the sole best assassin in his role. He was consistently banned in the MPL MY/SG S5 playoffs.

Credit: Moonton

It looks like the reworks have given Lancelot and Hayabusa new life, as the assassin pool remains very small. Interestingly, Natalia doesn’t make it onto ly4ly4ly4’s tier list at all.

The nerfs to marksmen were followed by the rise of mages. In a 1-2-2 lane assignment, new faces to the meta include Harith, Gusion and Lunox.

Most who reacted to the list were in agreement of Yi Sun-Shin’s current status in the meta, while others wondered about the absence of Vale who was given a sizable buff in patch 1.4.94

Here is ly4ly4ly4‘s full tier list:

ly4ly4ly4's Meta Tier List as of 27/07/2020

Posted by Ly4ly4ly4 on Sunday, July 26, 2020

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