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Lim “ly4ly4ly4” Yang is an MPL MY/SG champion and Resurgence’s star marksman. For his stellar play in the grand final, he was awarded the MVP trophy.

Throughout the playoffs and regular season, ly4ly4ly4 has been one of the best marksmen in the league, consistently working with his front line to take down key targets.

But who’s the best marksman to play in Mobile Legends?

Here’s what the MVP himself told ONE Esports.

The best marksman right now is Claude.

Firstly, Claude farms fast and rotates around the map with ease. Most marksmen are only able to deal damage to tanks or front line, but Claude has no problem killing back line heroes.

Not many marksmen can do this, so Claude becomes more useful in team fights.

As a marksman, farm will always take priority. This is also why Claude is very good because he can maximize the amount of farm possible, while still being able to jump into engagements hastily.

Before the hyper carry meta, Claude wasn’t as strong because of his weak early game and the time needed to farm up for items. In the hyper carry meta, Claude is able to power up faster than before. Once he buys his first item Demon Hunter Sword, he becomes unstoppable.

Core items for Claude are Demon Hunter Sword and Golden Staff. Claude has a weak early game before purchasing Demon Hunter Sword, so you should prioritize getting the first item as soon as possible. Always focus on farming up before team fighting.

Before a team fight breaks out, use Art of Thievery to get at least 7 stacks; better if you hit 10. After getting enough stacks, use Battle Mirror Image to jump into the team fight and cast your ultimate.

Once your health bar is running low, recast Battle Mirror Image to get into a better position behind your tanks.

In ranked, you may not always get the marksman of your choice, so if Claude is picked by the opponent, you can choose Karrie instead. While Karrie is not the best marksman, she is able to dish out the most damage to tanks, allowing you to conclude fights faster.

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