Mobile Legends: Bang Bang latest patch swings the nerf hammer on top tier meta heroes picked at the professional level, while upping the potential of others that have gone under the radar.

Since the qualifiers for the upcoming MPL season will be starting soon, these changes are not unexpected.

How will the meta shape up for the new season?

Winner: Alpha

Credit: Moonton

Rotary Impact

  • Slow effect increased from 40% to 70%.
  • Slightly increased the width of the effect area

 Force Swing

  • Mana Cost reduced from 65-90 to 45-70
  • Slow effect removed

 Spear of Alpha

  • Base damage dealt by Beta increased from 205-285 to 225-315
  • Physical Attack Bonus increased from 80% to 280%
  • Cooldown adjusted from 24s at all levels to 24-20s

Alpha has suffered the same fate as other beginner-friendly heroes, in that he is straight-forward to play and possesses a low skill cap.

The largest buff to this fighter is his ultimate, Spear of Alpha. Its physical attack bonus has been increased by a whopping 200%, while its base damage has been increased by 20 to 30 at all levels. Combined with the 70% slow from Rotary Impact, it’s now easier to land Spear of Alpha when comboed.

To balance out these big buffs, its cooldown has been adjusted to a flat 24 seconds, which is hardly a trade-off. If you find yourself playing against Alpha, it might be a good idea to dodge his ultimate.

Winner: Vale

Credit: Moonton

Wind Blade

  • Sorrow: Base damage increased from 280-505 to 300-550


  • Slow effect increased from 30% to 40%
  • Control: Airborne duration increased from 0.9 to 1.2s


  • Death: Base damage increased from 960-1440 to 1200-1800 

Another hero who is finally getting some TLC, Vale’s damage and crowd control duration has been increased.

For one, Wind Blade’s base damage has been increased at all levels. For two, his ultimate, Windstorm, has gained an additional 360 extra base damage at max level.

Will these buffs be enough for Vale to compete with other mages?

Loser: Kaja

Credit: Moonton

Passive: Wrath Sanction

  • Magic Power Bonus increased from 70% to 100%
  • Max HP based bonus damage decreased from 6% to 4%

Ring of Order

  • Cooldown reduced from 8-6.5s to 7-5s
  • Mana cost reduced from 60-110 to 50-75
  • Base damage decreased from 150-350 to 120-270

 Divine Judgment

  • Skill range reduced by 15%

A hero whom Geek Fam’s OzoraVeki called “incredibly broken”, Kaja has reigned supreme for a while now.

Ring of Order’s base damage has been decreased, and is compensated by lowered mana costs and cooldowns.

The biggest change is to his ultimate, Divine Judgement, which has a significantly reduced range. This forces him to walk into more dangerous territory in order to pull an enemy, making it more risky for Kaja.

According to Moonton, these nerfs target his burst capability in the early game. To balance it off, they’ve given his passive’s magic power bonus a 1:1 ratio for sustained damage overtime.

Loser: Granger

Credit: Moonton


  • Base damage increased from 15-155 to 30-180.
  • Physical Attack Bonus decreased from 80% to 70%


  • Extra damage for the next 2 Basic Attacks adjusted from 10%-20% to 10%-30%

Death Sonata

  • (New) This skill now deals 12% of the enemy’s lost HP as Physical Damage
  • Base damage decreased from from 120-200 to 30-120
  • Physical Attack Bonus decreased from 100% to 70%

Granger’s ultimate, Death Sonata, received a colossal nerf to its base damage. Its previous level one level damage of 120 is now its maximum, and scales less effectively now.

To help Granger out, Moonton introduced a new stat to Death Sonata that’s based off the enemy’s lost HP, which gives him added sniping power. They’ve also increased the base damage of his bread and butter skill, Rhapsody, doubling it at level one.

These adjustments mean that Granger is going to be even more reliant on his first and second skill, as well as basic attacks.

Loser: Kimmy

Credit: Moonton

Energy Transformation

  • Physical Attack Bonus adjusted from 42% to 34%-44%
  • Magic Power Bonus adjusted from 48% to 40%-50%

Chemical Refinement

  • Enemy units will restore Movement Speed more quickly now after leaving the area of slow effect

 Maximum Charge

  • Cooldown increased from 24-16s to 28-20s

Relative to Kimmy’s current power level, these adjustments seem fair. The most positive change is to her core ability, Energy Transformation, which now scales and hits a higher power level later in the game.

Loser: Esmeralda

Credit: Moonton

Frostmoon Shield

  • Shield gain decreased from 420-770 to 350-700

Stardust Dance

  • Slow effect decreased from 25% to 10%

Considering how Esmeralda could itemize for damage and still be tanky thanks to her lower cooldown and low mana cost shield, it’s no surprise that Moonton nerfed her first ability.

The slow effect from Stardust Dance also took quite a hit, and is down to 10%. In all, she provides even less crowd control and is less durable, which may lead a falling out in the offlane.

For the full patch notes, refer to your MLBB in-game inbox.

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