With Mobile Legends: Bang Bang revamping some of the game’s older characters to bring them to relevance in the ever-growing hero pool, Yi Sun-Shin returns as one of the first reworks to the Land of Dawn.

In the latest hero spotlight, The Paenlong Legend returns with some better moves and quicker attacks, bringing him to the forefront of the MLBB roster.

Passive skill – Heavenly Vow

Yi Sun-shin’s unique passive lets him choose between his longbow or glaive to attack, based on his distance from an enemy target.

With the rework, his weapon-swap now guarantees critical damage, giving players a boost of damage to turn fights around.

  • Weapon Mastery: Next two Basic Attacks will be enhanced and will be a guaranteed critical strike
    • First Basic Attack deals 85% – 100% Critical Damage
    • Second Basic Attack deals 55% – 70% Critical Damage and increases his Movement Speed by 20% for 1 second
    • Each enhanced Basic Attack will reduce the cooldown of  Traceless by 1 second

First skill – Traceless/Dauntless Fleet

Yi Sun-shin’s Traceless skill makes him dash and strike in a single direction. The rework has a significantly quicker attack animation, making it a more reliable initiation or escape tool.

On top of that, the dash now gives him crowd-control immunity and damage reduction, increasing his chances of survival when escaping.

  • Deals 150/180/210/240/270/300 (+40% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies along the way
  • Becomes immune to Crowd Control and gains 30% Damage Reduction for 1 second while dashing

If you happen to pick up one of the turtle ships at base, you can transform Traceless into Dauntless Fleet, a skill-shot that damages and immobilizes enemies. As he rides the ship, Yi Sun-shin gains increased movement speed.

  • Dauntless Fleet: Two turtle ships will spawn every 180 seconds or at respawn
  • Gain 60% movement speed and transforms Traceless into Dauntless Fleet for 6 seconds

Second skill – Blood Floods

Instead of just being a charged skill shot, the Paenlong Legend’s second skill now has two forms of attack.

On cast, Yi Sun-Shin slashes with his glaive, dealing damage to enemies in front of him. This skill is a great alternative when you want to deal with opponents within melee range.

The charged cast is the same to his original Blood Food, where Yi Sun-Shin shoots a powerful arrow in a straight line.

Timing and aim are critical here because it has a higher chance of dealing more damage when charged. The trade off? His movement speed decreases as he pulls his bow.

  • Without Charge / Instant Cast: deals 240/260/280/300/320/340 (+80% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage
  • Charging: deals 240/260/280/300/320/340 (+80% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to the first target hit
  • The arrow scales with the charging duration, dealing up to 200% damage increase, but the damage decays when multiple enemies are hit by the arrow that is capped at 60% reduced damage
  • Movement Speed is reduced by 20% during the charging duration
  • Yi Sun-Shin immediately gains Weapon Mastery after this skill is cast

Ultimate skill – Mountain Shocker

Credit: Moonton

A global skill, Mount Shocker sends out waves of cannon attacks, damaging all enemies and revealing their locations to your team. The rework gave his ultimate a visual upgrade, and hits harder.

It also provides a damage buff to Yi Sun-Shin’s passive, giving him an offensive edge in the late game.

  • Passive: Weapon Mastery’s damage will be increased by 5%/ 10%/15%
  • Active: Yi Sun-shin summons the naval fleet to launch three waves of precise cannon attacks with each wave deals 150/180/210 (+50% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage and slow enemies by 20% for 2 seconds
  • When a target is hit by multiple waves, the waves will deal up to 150% of the total damage dealt

The reworked Yi Sun-Shin is now available in-game.

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