RRQ Hoshi and Onic Esports met in the fifth week of MPL Indonesia Season 6 for another Royal Derby rivalry match. Despite starting the season in an unexpected slump, RRQ rounded back into form with a huge win over Onic, who loosen their grip on the top spot in the standings.

The first game was a duel between two hyper carry assassins: RRQ’s Ling and Onic’s Lancelot. The game ran at a slow tempo as both teams wanted to play safe. While RRQ was able to claim first blood, Onic immediately clapped back by stealing the blue buff to deny Ling a significant part of his game.

Despite being behind in the early minutes, RRQ turned things around with an effective rotation on two side-laners to feed scrappy kills to their Ling. Onic decided to do everything to bring Ling down, but the other four RRQ players were able to protect their assassin and come out with a final wipeout. With no one left to defend, RRQ easily destroyed Onic’s base for their first win in the series.

Unlike the previous game, both teams opted for marksman carries rather than assassins, with RRQ picking Karrie and Onic countering with Kimmy.

Sanz knocked down Vinnn who tried to steal the buff by the third minute, taking first-blood for Onic. They appeared dominant in the lanes and were keeping constant pressure on RRQ, but with a costly mistake in a clash meant Onic had to back off and accept two deaths on their side.

After RRQ secured Lord by the 25-minute mark, they managed to also pick up two kills on Onic to turn the game in their favor. After a few more clashes, RRQ managed to pull out another win to complete the sweep against the league leader. 

Aside from giving Onic their second defeat of the season, RRQ reminded everyone that they can still play like kings.

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