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Novaria is not your ordinary mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

She possesses a unique blend of burst damage mixed with support skills, making her a great pick in any team composition.

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She can unleash a devastating long-range attack with Astral Recall, and walk through walls at the same time to escape danger.

Furthermore, her ultimate Astral Echo, is a skill that grants her the power to reveal hidden enemy heroes in the surrounding area — the first hero to have such a unique skill effect in-game.

Novaria’s skills in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Novaria close-up portrait
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Passive – Star Trail

Astral spheres she summons will continuously slow nearby enemies by 20%. When an Astral Sphere explodes, it deals magic damage equal to 50% of total magic power plus 4% of the enemy’s max HP.

  • Novaria’s passive ability provides her with ample damage to take on tanky heroes effectively.
  • Astral Recall synergizes exceptionally well with her other skills, enhancing her damage output significantly.
  • Astral Meteor inflicts damage over time, allowing subsequent damage to activate Star Trail. To maximize damage, ensure that your intended target is stunned before unleashing the full onslaught.
  • The impact of the astral sphere on an enemy not only deals damage but also grants vision of their whereabouts, exposing their position to your team.

Skill 1 – Astral Meteor

She summons an astral sphere to crash down at the target location, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies hit by 20%. Afterward, meteor fragments will continue to strike the area, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies hit.

  • Prioritize acquiring this skill at level one before focusing on leveling up Astral Recall in subsequent levels.
  • Astral Meteor possesses the added advantage of dealing 80% extra damage to minions. This grants you an edge in swiftly clearing out minion waves during the laning phase.
  • Furthermore, the skill has the ability to reveal enemy units concealed within bushes, providing crucial vision and eliminating any enemy ganks.

Skill 2 – Astral Recall

She summons an astral sphere at a distance and draws it towards her, dealing magic damage to enemies the sphere passes through.

At the same time, she gains movement speed and can pass through terrain. When she comes into contact with the astral sphere, she can launch it in a target direction within 2s. The sphere will explode when hitting an enemy unit, dealing magic damage plus additional damage based on the sphere’s travel time.

  • Prioritize leveling up this skill.
  • Novaria gains increased movement speed and the ability to traverse through terrain while in the astral state. This makes the skill ideal for escaping sticky situations.
  • The damage inflicted during the second part of this skill is distance-dependent, making it more impactful when fired from a distance rather than in close proximity to the target.
  • Utilize the astral sphere to reveal hidden enemies lurking in bushes, making it a valuable tool for scouting nearby areas and avoiding potentially dangerous facechecks.

Ultimate – Astral Echo

She shoots astral chains in a target direction. The chains will lock onto a nearby enemy hero and attach to them, magic damage and revealing the area around them. The target will have their hitbox size increased by 50% for 5s.

  • Use this skill to check the surrounding buff pits whenever you suspect the enemy team is attempting to secure Turtle or Lord.
  • Prior to initiating a team fight, use this skill to reveal enemies in the backline. This grants you and your team crucial information to assess the situation and determine whether it’s wise to engage or hold back.
  • The increased hitbox size of the astral sphere benefits heroes like Franco, Beatrix, and Xavier, enabling them to land their skill shots more easily. Coordinate with your teammates accordingly.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Novaria in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Flameshot and Flicker recommended battle spells for Novaria
Credit: ONE Esports

Flameshot proves to be the optimal choice for Novaria as it complements her long-range abilities seamlessly. By combining Flame Shot with Astral Recall, she can unleash even greater damage onto her targets.

However, in scenarios where the enemy team consists of multiple assassin heroes or possesses high burst damage, opting for a safer approach with the battle spell Flicker is advisable.

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This allows Novaria to swiftly reposition herself in sticky situations.

Recommended emblem and talent set

Opting for the mage emblem is ideal for maximizing Novaria’s damage output, as it bolsters her magic power, reduces cooldowns, and enhances magic penetration.

In terms of sub-talents, selecting Rupture grants a flat adaptive penetration boost, while Bargain Hunter helps you complete your core items much faster with the 5% discount on equipment purchases.

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For her core talent, Impure Rage is the most suitable option. This talent not only provides adaptive damage but also increases mana regeneration.

Recommended best build for Novaria

Best build for mage hero Novaria
Credit: ONE Esports

Since you’ll be using your skill often, going for Enchanted Talisman for the mana regeneration or Clock of Destiny for the mana boost is the way to go.

After that, you’ll want to focus on increasing your magic power and penetration. Holy Crystal, Glowing Wand, Lightning Truncheon, and Divine Glaive are safe options.

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If you prefer to build more defensively, buy Immortality or Winter Truncheon.

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Best build for Novaria in Mobile Legends

  • Magic Shoes
  • Enchanted Talisman
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Glowing Wand
  • Holy Crystal
  • Divine Glaive

Easy combos to learn for Novaria

During the laning phase, prioritize clearing minion waves using Astral Meteor and harass enemies with Astral Recall. To sustain your mana without needing frequent recalls, consider building Elegant Gem as your first item.

In team fights, start by using Astral Echo to see where the enemies are hiding. Once the situation is favorable, unleash Astral Recall, targeting the enemy’s backline heroes. Alternatively, initiate with Astral Meteor to slow them down before swiftly finishing them off with Astral Recall.

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Due to Novaria’s squishiness, focus on positioning yourself well, away from enemy assassins. If you find yourself caught in a dangerous situation, use Astral Recall to escape and maneuver through walls, making it more challenging for pursuers to catch up.

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