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There’s something mesmerizing about mage hero Novaria in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

While she may not showcase flashy moves like Lunox and Gusion, this mage hero’s unique skills make her a formidable force on the battlefield.

With Astral Recall, she can unleash devastating long-range attacks, while Astral Echo gives her the ability to reveal surrounding areas in front of her.

Playing against an experienced Novaria is tough, for she has the ability to remain concealed, and is good at catching opponents off guard.

However, countering her is possible if you play your cards right. Here are three heroes that do the job.

Three counters to mage hero Novaria in Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Gusion
Credit: Moonton

When facing Novaria, a hero who relies on hitting skill shots, one hero that can give her a hard time is mage assassin Gusion.

Gusion’s agility allows him to swiftly engage and disengage in team fights, making it challenging for Novaria to land her spells.

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If you are playing in the midlane, play it safe until you reach level four. It’s also a must that you build Genius Wand early on for the damage boost. You can also go for Execute as your battle spell to secure easier kills in the early to mid-game.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Harley
Credit: Moonton

When facing the Starbreaker in the midlane, another excellent choice besides Gusion is Harley.

Harley’s burst damage and mobility make him a formidable opponent, especially against heroes that lack escape abilities.

Once you reach level four, position yourself near a bush and use Space Escape to close the distance to Novaria.

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Use Deadly Magic and Poker Trick to deal substantial damage Then, activate Space Escape once again to swiftly return to the bush and vanish like the wind.

This combo is often a guaranteed kill if Novaria’s health is below 50% and all the Poker Trick cards hit. If she manages to survive your combo, use Flameshot to finish her off.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Natalia
Credit: Moonton

Although Natalia is not typically played in the midlane, she can be an excellent choice against the Starbreaker.

Her passive provides stealth, granting her easy kills in the early game, particularly against heroes lacking mobility. Natalia’s skills, such as Claw Dash and The Hunt, deliver high burst damage, which will swiftly eliminate her targets.

During team fights, it’s advantageous to enter stealth mode and position yourself at the backline. Timing is crucial—wait for Novaria’s Star Recall to be on cooldown, then catch her off guard with a combination of The Hunt and Claw Dash.

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However, be mindful of your positioning, as Astral Echo can reveal your location if you’re caught.

To maximize your effectiveness, prioritize building Blade of the Heptaseas and Hunter’s Strike. With these items, a well-executed combo would often eliminate a full HP Novaria in a single strike.

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