Possessing an indomitable heart, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero Hilda roams the Land of Dawn bravely in search of her true purpose and meaning.

The tank and fighter hybrid shines as one of the most lethal single-target heroes in the game, equipped with a heavy artillery skillset that allows her to harass enemies from the first minute.

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Defensively, she can regenerate HP quickly using bushes on the map, which makes her one of the best jungle invade roamers in MLBB.

Master playing the Power of the Megalith with this comprehensive guide that covers recommended emblems, battle spells, best build, and skill combos.

Hilda’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive Blessing of Wilderness

Hilda regenerates a percentage of her Max HP every second while staying in a bush. When entering a bush, Hilda gains a shield to a percentage of her Max HP. After leaving the bush, the shield lasts for a few seconds and reactivates after a certain cooldown.

  • The passive allows you to play aggressively from the first minute as you have tremendous uptime from the HP regeneration and shield.
  • Disrupt the enemy’s jungle pathing by diving deep into their jungle territory, using the bushes to approach. Poke the enemy jungler and force him to use the Retribution battle spell prematurely.
  • If the enemy commits to killing you, retreat to the safety of the bush. Continue going in and out of the bush to force enemies to commit to killing you.

First skill Combat Ritual

Hilda activates the runic power of the great sword, increasing her Movement Speed by a huge percentage for a few seconds and enhancing her next Basic Attack. This Basic Attack deals Physical Damage and a percentage slow to the enemy hit for a duration.

  • Consider this as an enhanced Sprint battle spell, but more than the Movement Speed boost, it also powers your next Basic Attack.
  • Use this ability to close the gap when engaging opponents. Outside of the Physical Damage, the slow effects allow your team to pounce on the target easily.
  • You can also use this to disengage when caught in a sticky situation. Activate this skill to retreat to the bush quickly and activate your passive.

Second skill – Art of Hunting

Hilda locks onto an enemy target, each time dealing Physical Damage. This skill can be activated three times at most. The second activation will deal damage to the target’s surroundings and the third attack will temporarily knock the target back as well as surrounding enemies.

  • This is a powerful early-game damage ability, so activate this when available to poke enemies continuously.
  • Look to target the enemy jungler in the first few minutes of the game to diminish his uptime. In the midgame, lock on to squishy heroes to soften them up.
  • For maximum damage, activate this after you hit the enemy with the Enhanced Basic Attack from your first skill.

Ultimate – Power of Wilderness

Hilda jumps toward a designated enemy and slashes powerfully, dealing Physical Damage and temporarily stunning the target. Nearby enemies also take a percentage of the Physical Damage dealt.

Each kill or assist enhances Power of Wildness, increasing its Physical Attack which can stack up to a certain number of times. After reaching full stacks, damage will be increased by a certain percentage of damage and a percentage of the target’s Physical Defense will be ignored.

  • There are a variety of ways you can activate the ultimate. The most common way is to activate this skill to finish off your enemies after softening them with your first and second skills.
  • Then again, this skill can also be used to engage as the temporary stun effects can help initiate enemy pick-offs.
  • If you’re playing as a roamer, use this ability to control the enemy jungler to prevent him from using his Retribution battle spell in fights around objectives.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Hilda in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fighter Hilda recommended battle spell
Credit: ONE Esports

As Hilda, your job is to initiate fights, chase down enemies, and escape when necessary. Taking the Sprint battle spell enhances mobility and allows you to perform these functions more effectively.

When things get too heated, use Sprint to make a quick getaway. Remember to head towards the bushes to activate the Blessing of Wilderness shield and HP regeneration.

Another battle spell that complements the fighter’s gameplay is the Execute battle spell. The hero is often played aggressively, diving into fights, and targeting squishy enemies.

Execute supports this playstyle by providing the extra damage needed to secure kills. It’s particularly effective when used after Hilda’s skill combo to finish off enemies.

Recommended emblem

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fighter Hilda recommended emblem set
Credit: ONE Esports

Double down on your mobility and tankiness to maximize Hilda’s effectiveness in the game. Take Agility as your tier-one talent to get a percentage movement speed boost that you can use to initiate and invade better.

Get Tenacity as your second talent. As you will more often be deep in enemy territory, this gives you better survivability for when the enemy team focuses on taking you down.

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For your main talent, take Concussive Blast. You’ll benefit from the HP-based AOE damage tremendously since your hero inherently has high HP and will continuously regenerate HP due to the hero’s passive. This equips you with sustainable extra damage throughout the game.

Hilda best build

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fighter Hilda best build
Credit: ONE Esports

Depending on the enemy team composition, prioritize either the Dominance Ice or a choice between Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor as your first item.

Build Dominance Ice first if you’re facing Physical Damage and HP-regen compositions. When facing early-game Magic Damage heroes in the enemy team, go for Athena’s Shield or Athena’s Shield.

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Build Antique Cuirass or Blade Armor after to boost your Physical Armor. Get both when facing heroes like Bruno or Brody.

Finally, take Immortality for late-game insurance.

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The best build for Hilda in Mobile Legends

  • Tough Boots
  • Dominance Ice
  • Radiant Armor/ Athena’s Shield
  • Antique Cuirass/ Blade Armor
  • Oracle
  • Immortality

Easy combos to learn

Flower of the Wastes Hilda skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton Games

When playing Hilda as a roamer, focus on disrupting the enemy core by invading his side of the jungle. Go in and out of the bush and use your second skill to poke him to diminish his uptime and destroy his jungle pathing.

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By then, you will have created a huge advantage for your team in objective takes. Continue to harass the enemy jungler just before the midgame starts, and force his team to respond and focus on killing you. This will allow your teammates to have space to farm freely.

In the midgame, focus on targeting squishy targets. Use a combination of your first skill, Enhanced Basic Attack, second skill. Finish the enemy off with your ultimate.

When caught in a sticky situation, use your first skill or Sprint if available to get to the nearest bush to regenerate HP.

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