Since Filipino team AURA PH first introduced the strategy in MPL PH Week 1, “Feeding Diggie” has appeared in every aspect of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), including the highest level of play in MPL ID.

Several teams have used this interesting strategy, including Bigetron Alpha, EVOS Legends, and Geek Fam ID. But the only team that has managed to execute the strategy perfectly so far was Bigetron Alpha.

In the third week of MPL ID Season 6, Bigetron Alpha managed to beat EVOS Legends’ Feeding Diggie team composition in the first game. Amazingly, in the second game, they turned the tides on EVOS by using Feeding Diggie against them to finish the sweep.

Unlike other teams, Bigetron appears to have mastered the controversial strategy from both the offensive and defensive sides. 

On offense, they have utilized two strong sidelaners, Khaleed and Thamuz. In doing so, they reduced enemy pressure in the midlane so that their carry, Branz, could freely farm and scale.

In a post-match interview, Steven Age, Bigetron Alpha’s analyst, shared his opinion on countering the Feeding Diggie strategy.

“The key to silencing Feeding Diggie is to find picks on all other heroes besides Diggie, take advantage of the space created on the map, and also be able to destroy your two opponent sidelanes,” said Age.

Age also predicted that the Feeding Diggie meta will continue for as long as there are no nerfs. So now the question is, can other MPL teams run it as well as Bigetron Alpha?

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