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While Ixia may not boast the flashy presence of other marksmen in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, her unassuming nature hides a formidable power capable of decimating an entire team all by herself.

During the laning phase, facing Ixia becomes an arduous task due to her lifesteal on her passive, Siphon Starlium.

However, the true nightmare begins once she reaches level four. Her ultimate, Full Barrage, possesses the ability to eradicate everyone caught in front of the ultimate’s massive area of effect, much like Yve‘s Real World Manipulation ultimate.

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To make matters worse, Ixia becomes immune to all crowd control effects while Full Barrage is up, further intensifying the challenge of opposing her.

If you find yourself in search of suitable heroes to counter the enigmatic Arclight Outlaw, consider selecting these heroes.

3 effective counters to Ixia in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


First on our list is everyone’s favorite tank hero, Tigreal.

While he doesn’t have the capability of taking her down in team fights, what makes him a great counter is that he can push her away whenever she uses Full Barrage, giving your teammates the opportunity to escape the ultimate’s massive area of effect.

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His passive also allows him to negate some of her basic attack damage, which she heavily relies on.

In this matchup, build Dominance Ice first to reduce the lifesteal on her passive, then go for physical defense items such as Antique Cuirass or Blademail.


Another tank hero that does well against Ixia is Lolita.

Since her basic attacks are considered projectiles, she can block most of them with her Guardian’s Bulwark shield ability. This includes whenever she uses Full Barrage, as most of the ultimate’s damage comes from Ixia’s basic attacks.

Her single-target stun on Charge! is also impactful, as the Arclight Outlaw doesn’t have any mobility skills.

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Make sure to use Charge! first in team fights before she has the opportunity to unleash Full Barrage.

When her ultimate is active, hide somewhere where you can’t be seen and charge your Neumenon Blast ultimate. By the time the Arclight Outlaw’s ultimate is over, Neumonon Blast will stun her, giving your teammates a chance to counterattack.

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If you are looking for a solid marksman pick, go for Claude.

He can go in and out of a team fight with ease because of his Battle Mirror Image skill, something that Ixia will have a hard time countering since all her skills are skill shots, and her Full Barrage ultimate can only target enemies in front of her.

Once she activates her ultimate, Claude can go behind her with Battle Mirror Image and activate Blazing Duet to burst her down without giving her the opportunity to fight back.

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If Ixia still manages to catch him, he can activate Battle Mirror Image again to retreat to his initial position.

Prioritize Demon Hunter Sword as he doesn’t deal that much damage without this item. After that, you can go for Golden Staff if you are ahead or Wind of Nature if you are behind.

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