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Floryn is a support hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, released as part of MLBB’s 5th year anniversary celebration.

She has a unique mechanic in the game, possessing an item in her inventory that increases her stats. She can also share that item’s power with another teammate.

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On top of that, she can heal allies wherever they are on the map.

Learn how to effectively play the Budding Hope in this comprehensive ONE Esports guide.

Floryn’s skills in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Passive – Dew

Dew’s Lantern will permanently increase Floryn’s attributes by a small amount.

After leaving combat for several seconds, she can share the Flower of Hope with an allied hero (has a cooldown of half a minute), which will grant them a shield each time they are healed by Floryn.

She can never sell the Lantern.

  • Floryn has an unsellable item in her inventory that provides shield to a teammate each time they heal her.
  • She can share the lantern’s power with any ally when she is out of combat for a few seconds.
  • It’s best to share Dew’s Lantern with either the jungler or the gold laner.

First skill – Sow

She tosses an Energy Seed at a designated enemy, dealing magic damage. Healing Fruits will then spawn and bounce to nearby allies, restoring their health.

  • Sow can affect multiple allies and goes well with Floyn’s ultimate, Bloom.
  • Hitting a creep or minion with Sow also procs the healing fruits.
  • If the enemy moves off too far a distance during the casting of Sow, the healing fruits won’t appear.
  • Sow is great if you are trying to invade the enemy buff as it can help your jungler restore some of his health, which will give you an advantage during the confrontation.

Second skill – Sprout

Floryn casts a blob of energy ahead that explodes upon hitting an enemy, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies, stunning them and revealing their positions briefly.

  • If the skill does not an hit an enemy, it explodes at the end of its cast range, and stun nearby enemies.
  • Sprout can stun multiple opponents.
  • This skill also explodes upon hitting minions or creeps, so positioning is very important if you want Sprout to directly hit enemy heroes.

Ultimate – Bloom

Floryn resonates with Dew’s power, restoring HP to all allied heroes two times now matter where they are on the battlefield. This effect also removes any healing reduction or shield reduction effects on allied heroes, and makes them immune to those effects for a few seconds.

  • Bloom heals all of your allies wherever they are. With that, map awareness is key and you should always be mindful whenever a team fight is taking place on the battlefield.
  • Do not use Bloom at the last minute since the healing effect does not take effect immediately. Always try to preempt.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Floryn in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang recommended battle spells for Floryn
Credit: Moonton

Floryn’s weakness is that she doesn’t have any escape skills. This makes Flicker very important so that she can get out sticky situations and get a better position in team fights.

If the enemy has a lot of crowd control, Purify is your best bet.

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If you are feeling lucky and the enemy has a lot of squishy heroes, you can go with Flameshot.

This is especially the case if you are laning against a mage with a gap closer as you can push them away if they get too close.

Recommended emblem

Recommended emblem set for Floryn in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

Floryn excels with the Support emblem because it significantly enhances healing and shield effects, cooldown reduction, and movement speed.

The 3 best heroes to counter Floryn in Mobile Legends

For talents, go with Inspire in the first tier for extra cooldown reduction, and Tenacity in the second tier for increased physical and magic defense when your HP drops below 50 percent, allowing you to timely cast your ultimate.

In terms of your core talent, select Focusing Mark to amplify the damage dealt by your allies to enemies hit by your attacks.

Floryn best build

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Floryn recommended item build
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

For her item build, you want to focus on magic items or tank items, depending on your preferred playstyle.

Building her with a mix of both magic and defensive items is recommended, especially if you’re playing as a roamer.

Always remember that you can only build five items, as the Lantern takes up one spot in your inventory.

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The best build for Floryn in Mobile Legends

Easy combos to learn

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As a healer support hero, she doesn’t have any fixed combos. All you need is to keep a close eye on your allies and heal them whenever their health is low.

In team fights, cast Sprout on the enemy carries to stun them, giving your teammates a window to quickly burst them down.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Springtide Floryn skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Remember, you should never walk up to the front line. If possible, only show up in the map when you are with a teammate.

Floryn is a very squishy hero, and getting caught by the enemy jungler would mean instant demise.

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