EVOS Lynx surprised by putting on a masterclass on how to counter the Bane, Faramis, and Selena turret push strategy at the UniPin Ladies Series MLBB 2021.

Up against the dark horse of the competition, MBR Delphyne, EVOS Lynx was challenged in game one.

EVOS Lynx initially had a hard time dealing with the turret push strategy

It’s not just the fact that MBR Delphyne was on fire that day, but also that they dared to use the MPL PH push turret strategy in an actual competition.

EVOS Lynx looked a little surprised that they had to go up against this unique strategy, for the only team that dared to play it in the pro scene so far was Execration in the MPL PH Season 7 playoffs.

MBR Delphyne executed the turret push strategy well, which forced EVOS to rack their brains on how to tackle it in-game.

EVOS Lynx reveals how to counter the Bane, Faramis, and Selena turret push strategy

Despite the strengths of the Bane, Faramis and Selena turret push strategy, it can be countered.

For a start, the turret push strategy cannot be effectively dealt with until the first two turrets are destroyed by Bane and Faramis. When it comes to the inhibitor turrets however, that’s when the opposing team can strike.

Because of this strategy, Selena has to move around to set up traps so that Bane and Faramis can use Arrival on those locations. Usually, Selena puts her traps in places that heroes can’t reach, like inside walls.

EVOS Lynx cleverly dealt with this by drafting Yu Zhong. This hero has the ability to fly all terrain in Black Dragon Form. As such, he can easily eat traps that have been hidden.

With that, they made MBR Delphyne’s life very difficult. After Selena’s traps were eaten, she was zoned out by EVOS Lynx’s support, Mathilda. Pressured, she could not find opportunities to walk into the opponent’s base area to set up for a backdoor.

Evos Lynx Pica on Yu Zhong countering the Bane, Faramis, and Selena turret push strategy
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Pica’s Yu Zhong was really on point. He was only hero was who was able to take on both Bane and Faramis, and the only one who actively looked for Selena’s traps. This means that heroes like Pharsa and Hanzo would also be good options to step on traps.

What made EVOS Lynx’s counter push more effective is that they also drafted Alice, who continually cleared creeps in the lane that Bane and Faramis were pushing, greatly reducing the potential of MBR using Arrival on minions.

As a result, the Bane, Faramis, and Selena turret push strategy became ineffective due to EVOS Lynx’s brilliant counters, who went on to sweep MBR Delphyne 2-0.

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