MPL PH teams have distinguished themselves again as a pioneer of a unique and potentially popular new meta — a turret push strategy — that we might see at MSC 2021, especially since MPL PH teams are known for being brave enough to experiment at a competitive level.

After the feeding Diggie strategy, pushing turrets quickly, even at the cost of your life, is the new in thing.

The turret push strategy involves three heroes: Bane, Faramis, and Selena

The new meta is a turret push strategy that takes advantage of the skills of several heroes. This turret push strategy completely ignores gameplay, because the goal is to pressure one lane all the way to the base turret.

No one really knows who’s the first person to create this strategy. Most Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players would have seen a video of it on TikTok, and learned how to use it from there.

How exactly do you carry out the turret push strategy? Step one, pick Bane, Faramis, and Selena in your team composition.

Bane’s role in the turret push strategy

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Bane
Credit: Moonton

Bane was adjusted in a recent patch that makes him more useful as a physical damage instead of magic damage hero. His passive, Shark Bite, allows him to stack Tidal Energy to increase his physical damage output, making him a formidable side laner.

Moreover, he is the only hero who has an ultimate, Ale, that is able to damage turrets.

Synergizing with Faramis

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Faramis
Credit: Moonton

Bane is best accompanied by Faramis. The whole point of Faramis of course, is to take advantage of his ultimate, Cult Altar, which resurrects eliminated allied heroes.

Both Faramis and Bane will move together to execute a all-out push, even ignoring the presence of the minions. This is where the Cult Altar comes in.

Since Bane’s skills have very low cooldowns, Faramis’ Cult Altar, which runs for ten seconds, can give Bane a second lifeline, making full use of his passive and ultimate.

Take note however, that both heroes must run Arrival as their Battle Spell, so that they can swiftly reach their destination and push turrets. This is where Selena comes in.

Selena makes three

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero Selena
Credit: Moonton

Selena’s traps can be placed anywhere on the map, and gain vision for her team. In order to quickly push turrets, they can use Selena’s traps as their destination for Arrival.

For it to be effective, Selena must place traps in areas where the enemy heroes usually do not tread, such as areas within the jungle.

To make this strategy even more effective, Bane will equip the Jungle Emblem, and opt for Mage Killer, which allows him to deal increased damage to Lord, Turtle, and turrets by up to 20 percent. 

Additionally, Bane also has to buy Malefic Roar as a core equpiment, for its unique passive allows the user to ignore 20% of turret’s defense.

Execration’s turret push strategy in MPL PH Season 7

Even though MPL ID players have attempted this strategy in their ranked games and created content around it, no one expected that there would be a pro team that would dare to use it in MPL, what more, in the MPL PH playoffs. 

MPL PH Season 7 team Execration executing the turret push strategy with Bane, Faramis, and Selena against OMEGA Esports
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Surprisingly, Execration drafted and played it out in game one against OMEGA Esports in the second round of the MPL PH Season 7 lower bracket playoffs.

Even though it didn’t go smoothly, and both teams almost lost their Crystal in the late game, Execration eventually nabbed victory 13 minutes in, despite only getting a total of seven kills compared to OMEGA’s 44.

Will we see Bane, Faramis, and Selena together at MSC 2021?

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